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1320 SIXTY-NINTH oouonnss. sms. II. cu. 271. 1927. _E,{,§f“"·°‘°··’°°”° Hmmmc ann samurrox, rrmmo scuoons P""""* ""*°"· _ Salaries: For personal services in accordance with the Classifica-

 mq 0, tion Act pf 1923,_$65,800_: Provided,_That the person emplo ed in

¤*¤¤* - the capacity of chief medical and sanitary inspector shall, under the .d1r6¤¤on of the healthloilicer of the District of Columbia, give his whole time f1‘(;t!:\..;lI%.l‘a8,0?d09k n to. fgur thing o’clock

 _   exercise  controftb
   and_san1tary conditions at the public schools oi

mlg*,,“‘,j*•*;_,_°'*¤•¤·**¤• the Dutudt of agurtlwr, That of the Ersons 6mpl0yed4as·med1calemspector¢:ono all be a. woman four be ~ dB$SG8,1lIIdf»f(l11'~ shallcbe of the _eolored*· race, and that of the graduate nurses Femployed as public-school nurses three shall be ° °f1ih°3•]?mdmema¤‘n°°` Ii ir tree d A rmarawuuara 1 or anceo ' ental clinics in the public schools, I°°°°°'°i°` $1,000. A I -` M°i°°°°'°°°' °t°' For Lmaintenancebf laboratories, including referencepbooks and periodicals, apparatus, equipment,-_ and necessary conégmlguzt and miscellaneous expenses, and. including not to exceed for ice Ummm Y ·- · ' W; ' -· r-i nxnirrnirursracrxox _· rmea expenses. ret neces} erirrrpeemm or .1* . 1 ‘ me K ,ing·ex~penses, _ #- » mc ing ,,,§g;f§,‘;f“;gmQ;°9,§; . For-.contaugent—expenses incident to the enforcementaof an Act ¤<>¤¤· relatm to thetadulteration ;of foods and drugs ma the District of v¤,pp. meas. Cclumgis, approved February 17, -1898;. an»Act to prevent the adul- Pm,w_,,“_ teration of candy in the District of Columbia approved May_5, 1898 · V¤1·¤4.n·=*¤¤- agdiktzti preventtingathle manufacture, sage, or transportation oi a _ ra or mis ran e or poisonous or e eterious oods dru . med1c1nes,·and liquors,. and for regulating trailic therein, sind gi? Mnkregznauem. purposes, approved June 30, 1906, and an Act to regulate, V0l.43,p.1®4. wltlim tha. of Golumbia, the gagpebof. milk? cream,$and ice cream an _ or er approve ruary 2 1925 1000. C*¤¤·*¤¤‘j . Fori , including personal services, dof the ipublic P°“"d_'°h’°1°‘ For and operation; of motor ambulances and motor vehicle pound service $1,750. . ..For exchange pat. motor vehicle zior usein .the poundservice, $800. miwd HY¤¤¤· =¤¥'· ~ .For. a· child hygnene·service,»_including the establish- maxima •¢_:cu¤¤• mentqanrl maintenance of chi d-welfare stations- for the clinical °°““‘°‘*° ‘ examnpgtacns,-—edv1ce;tce£re, and mziintenanee of under six years o age ymeu— » e - or rsona services, rent periodicals, §:;§“”wm_ and supplies; &,00Q: That the commissioners may accept such v0_unte¤r_ services as they may deem expedient in connection with the estabhshinent and maintenance of the service herein author- N°¥’°"”°°“’”"‘°'· ized: further, Thattlus shall not be construed to authorize the expenditure or the payment of any money on account of any such volunteer service. . A _ C¤¤*¤¤¤¤**•°¤* COURTS AND PRISONST

,,,,,,¤,,,,,m_ mvmmn comrr

snn-as. Salaries: For personal services in accordance with the Classifica- tion Aqt of ,1923, $50,500. _ ’ ’°’°'* Miscellaneous: For compensation of jurors, $2,500. C¤¤¤¤v¤¤*•¤>•¤¤•¤ For fuel, ice, gas, laundry work, stationery, printing, books of reference, periodicals, typewriters and repairs thereto, binding and