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SIX'1`Y·NIN'I`H cousnsss. sm II. cm. 21c,2so. mv. 1343 not to exceed twenty years from the date of the same. After a sinking fund sudicient to ay the cost of acquiring the bridge and its •;§m.¤pe¤ shall have been provided, such bridge sha 1 cmummlsa. thereafter mamtained-and operated free of tolls, or the rates of

· thereafter. be so   as to provide a fund of not to

ex e amountneceuary or proper cam, re air, maintenance and operation of the bridge and its apgnroaches. Aiii accurate ¢¤§R&°Q°§'i of the amount paid for acquiring the- `dge and its approaches, the expenditures for tgpl:rati1g,··nepairin€,5 and maintaimngkthe same, an of the daily collected shalimm8l;sst.,- and shall available f0ItuI.Bl11b!'I!lIt·i0D¥0fl»ll§&!‘®hBl¤ _ . z Sno. 6. ‘1‘he Carrollton ridg¤»Company, its successors andamigns, ,,,,°{'°{,§‘ shall within ¤ after etion»of such bridge file with MI; ,:;,0*; M me tbeSecrett.ryof_ ar‘aswom" ' Ustatementsbowingitheactiial °° D ' original cost of constructing such bridge and rite approaches,/the actual cost of acquiring any interest ID real property necessary therefor and the actual "promotion costs. The Secre- °’°°°” tary of War makat any time wi ` 0, years after thebcoxnpletion of such bridge, l Yestigate the cost qfrconstructing thesame, and for suc purpose the said The Carrollton Bridg Coxnggny, its successors and assigns, make available i reco in connection with the finan‘cin§éand the construction thereof. Qc ,,H§‘,{,"§‘,:°'°°"‘“”

 of the   of ar as to the actual original cost of S

the bridgeshall be co usive, subject onlyto review in a court of equity for fraud or gross mistake. 1 e · . _ ’ Sno. 7.,Th•lright·te:sell, assign, transfer, and mortgage all the ,,,,§£§dY° ”u• °‘°* rights, powers, and ·p¤~1vi1ege• conferred by this Act, vis hereby granted to The Carrollton Bridge Company, its successors and assigns, and any corporation to w ich or any person to whom such rights, powers, and privileges may be sold, assigned, or transferred, or who shall acquire the same by mortgage foreclosure or otherwise, is hereby authorized and empowered to exercise the sameias fully as though conferred herein directlyzupon such corporation or person. Sno. 8. The rgght to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby "“°“°”"°°" expressly reserv . Approved, March 2, 1927. m¤en2,1sm. CHAP. 280.-An Act To authorize an increase in the limit of cost of certain -[ifi.,-[H· R·1°°°°·] naval vessels, and for other purposes. bu°’ N°‘ °°7‘ Be it enacted b the Senate and Home of Rggrresentativce of the yaw. " United States of in U rece aasembl , That the limit- of ··g,i’,°§§i}°° 'md cost for the construction of themgnited States ships Lexington and umn O! W m Saratoga, the conversion of which vewels inte airplane carriers, in ,,...,.1. ` accordancewith the terms of the treaty providing or the limitation _,Y¤¤-*=·¤·¤82··=¤¤¤¤- of naval armament, was authorized by the Act of July 1, 1922, is hereby increased to $40,000,000 each. A __ on h H d Sno. 2. That for the purpose of modernizing the United States ··N.v.4Z·i°°" °° ships Oklahoma and Nevada, alterations and repairs to such vessels °‘· "* are hereby authorized at a total- cost not to exceed the sumi of $13 150,000 in all. The alterations to the capital ships herein author- ,,,§,“,lj{°,§'¤,_ "° “°‘°" ized lshall be subject to the limitations in the treaty V0!-¢3·¤·1655·

 naval armaments ratified Asggust 1 , 1923. 1 ` Fm mbmmm

Sno. 3. That the limitation impo in the N a9;y Department and LM, 0, mt m_ Naval Service Appropriation Act, fiscal year 1 5, on construction mm. and machinery expenditures on account of one fleet submarine v°1‘*3'p‘°°*‘ (mine·laying type) is increased to $6,300,000. Approved, March 2, 1927.