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1432 sixrr-Niurn oouonnss. sms. 11. os. sea ism. employer by delivering it to him or by sending it by mail addressed to im at is last known place of business. If the employer is a partnership, such notice may be given to any partner, or if a corpo- ration, suc notice may be given to any agent or oilicer thereof upon whom legal process may be served or who IS in charge of the business in the lace where the injury occurred. mggsauérjgtgeqgdegr (d) Tailure to give such notice shall not bar any claim under new or csmbr me this Act (1) if the employer (or his agent in charge of the business

  • °°"’°d‘° "‘°’°°'· in the place where the injury occurred) or the carrier had knowledge

of the injury or death and the de uty commissioner determines that _ the employer or carrier has not hleen prejudiced by failure to ive ,,,§§,§f,,‘§Y"`°° bY°°‘”' such notice, or (2) if the deputy commissioner excuses such failure on the ground that for some satisfactory reason such notice could not be given; nor unless objection to such failure is raised before the deputy commissioner at the Brst hearing of a claim for compen- sation in respect of such injury or death. T‘“‘°‘°'m'"“°‘“‘"’s‘ rmn ron muse or onams i Wirwngsegjivwwr Sno. 13. (a) The right to compensation for disabilit under this “’“”°’ Act shall be barred unless a claim therefor is Bled witllin one ear after the injury, and the right to com ensation for death shall be barred unless a claim therefor is filed) within one year after the death, except that if payment of compensation has been made with- out an award on account of such injury or death a claim ma be Bled within one year after the date of the last paygnent. gash claim shall be Bled with the deputy commissioner in t e compensa- tion district in which such injury or such death occurred. Obfgiégpgzxrulgéergg (b) Notwithstanding the_ provisions of subdivision bg:.) failure to iusmg. Ble a claim within the period prescribed in such su ivision shall not be a bar to such right imless objection to such failure is made at the Brst hearing of such claim in which all plaérgties in interest are given reasonable notice and opportunity to be _ rd. _ mgmyygggggmég (c) If a person who is entitled to compensation under this Act is and mmm. mentally incompetent or a minor, the provisions of subdivision (a) shall not be ap licable so long as such person has no guardian or other authorizes reprwentative, but shal be applicable in the case of a person who is mentally incompetent or a minor from the date of appointment of such guardian or other representative, or in the case of a minor, if no guardian is appointed before he becomes of age, from the date he becomes of age. w§8g;°g°;uQqg*•gu'g (d) Where recovery is domed to any person, in a suit brought at ' law or in admiralty to recover damages in respect of injury or death, on the ground that such person was an employee and that the defend- ant was an employer within the meaning of this Act and that such employer had secured compensation to such employee under this Act, the limitation of time prescribed in subdivision (a) shall begin to run only from the date of terminationof such suit. _§gx{}==•¤* 0* °°*¤P°¤# rarumwr or oournnsurron m{,’{{g°d§*Y °° P°*°°¤ Sno. 14. (a) Comlpensation imder this Act be paid periodi- cally, promptly, an d11‘ectly_to the person entitled thereto, without an award, exceptwhere liability to pay compensation is controverted 1..... .............,... by the ¤mPl¤r·¤: . (b) The Brst installment of compensation shall become due on the fourteenth day! after the employer has knowledge of the injury or death, on whic date all compensation then due shall be paid. There- after compensation shall be paid in installments, semimonthly, exce t where the de uty commissioner determinesthat payment in install- ments shouldxlie made monthly or at some other period.