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sixrr-Nmrn eosennss. Sess. 1. ca 286.. im. 515 To enable the eof iculture more etfectiizel to carry` "°••*'*“°¤°*¤*'*· out the provisions of the ct ofwmh 1, 1911. (Thirtymixth Statutes, niiidarahuxiibci. page 961), entitled i‘&n;Act toenable any Stateto with · any other·State or States, orswith the United States, cr the pro- tection of watersheds oftnuLigslple·strea¤1•,f andtd appoints com- mission furthe ncauisition land fonthezpurpose of conserving the navi of navigable rivers}? $34,900·ef»the moneys appro-· priated ,·cr for carrying out its purposesiehall be available or the employment of agents, title attorneys, clerks, me other labor, and for the p¤irchase,of:supplie•·and equipment required ,n§’&j¤,g¤Ci¤ W¤¤¤· for the purpcm efTsaid,Act in the citggqf- Washington. ~ ' ' Total, Forest $8 28 v, o which amount not to exceed ,,,, ,,,f’°"' gali,000 magobe expended ici- rtmental personal services in the istrict of iumbia. I M _ - . y · · . ·‘ A -_ . ‘BU1zmU.oF ennmsrar o °*·•·¤*·*¤‘ Bare — _ _, t We assumes a _ For chief of bureaueuid othervpereonal services -in the District 'of Columbia sa accordance with the Classification Act of 1923 and for personal services in thefield, $366,308. r · - ‘ onlne:. tzxnnisns, wuav swnecunxrsru °°°°"'°“’°“°°" V p ·For’all necessary oexpenses,lf0r chemicalnpparatus, chemicals and ,,,3`,,k,°°",,,,‘°°',,;,,_'°""1"’ supplies, repairs to apparatus,}%, electric current, odicial traveling expenses, ·teIegraph"uid_te1? ne service, express charges, for the employment o such assistants, clerks, and other per- . sons as the Secretary of? Agriculture may consider necessary; for dine t purposes named, in, the citg ef and··else*whe1·e,?in cen- Q ducting investigations; co acting reporting, and illustrating the results of SlICh‘·1HV6Si»ig&ti0DS;A`8·H(i`f0I rent outside ‘of tli&iDistrict , of Columbia for ·carrying out the investigations and work herein authorizedasfollowszp, __ .o For conducting tl1e'invest1gations’ contemplated by the Act of $§f°f§’_§Y%Y"" May 15, 1862, relating to the application of chemistry to agriculture; B for the biological investigation of food and drug products and sub- stances used in the manufacture thereof, including investigations gf the4&hysio1ogical,eifects,_df, suclitproducts, on the human organism, Fri: collaboration with_ other departments of the Government .,tg,‘}u§,§°?,£i,},°{}¤t,_'[i{,1} desirin chemical `lIi1'VBStig8ti0iISi_&Hd whose heads request the Secre- tary cigggriculture for such ,assistance,,and fp: other miscellaneous wer V 1o,865’3' . I L — `"` I ,,,,,,“ M

 iuvestigatidnland expei“iment,i`n the utiliization, forfcoloriig mFa¤n¤z°r”£iZ°s§°ti',

medicinil an ftechnical purposes, qt raw ofifiii · °°°· duced_in`ti1e‘Unii§ed`S|§ates, in _coop§ration‘ with such persons, tipnk, cr`corporati§ns_as_ma;%_’be iindinecessag includingjrepairsg alterations, improvements, additions to ·a b‘ ` dingon the‘Ar1i¤g: ton Experimental Farm, , ‘ 1 j _ _ Fort `e investigation an develiofpment of methods for the mama ’1‘¤¤1¤ ¤if¤v·¤¢c· facture of table sirutg and an ofmethods for the manufacture e ofsweet sirups by e e utilization of new agricultural sources, $28,000; _ For enabling, the of A:$ricultiireQto i¢8;l'l'¥i`il1h)_°9Héf§t, ,d°*;‘*_;°,c_'°°d *¤¤P°°· theprovisionsof the Act o J une ;,'190§,;_entitled"An Act for V¤1-34·¤·7¤¤ preventing the manufacture, sale or `tran§portation cfiidulterated, or misbranded, or poisonous, or deleterious fo0de,`drugs, medicines, and liquors,land for regulating 'tra.c therein, and for other pur- poses "; to cooperate with associations and scientific societies in the