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sixrirumrn CONGRESS; sm. 1. ons. 290,291. me. 533 such manner as may be deemed proper, shall make available and arécessigilg recor&ls wnghtlthe conagructiop and tlnanciigg I osuc ri an e 'n o e aryo arastot 0 U ¤··¢·¤g;* actualkcost ogzuch bridge shallgsbe made a part of the records of th; rimrlii. mm ° War artment. ‘ ’ Sno. Sl? The right to sell, assign, transfer, and mortgage all the vfjgg W mi- ·*¤» rights, powers, and privileges conferred b this Act is hereby ` granted to the said Texas·4Coahuila Bridge (lompany, its successors or assigns, and any corporation to whic such rights, powers, and privileges may be sold, assigned, or transferred, or which shall acqgire the mme by mortgage foreclosure or otherwise, is hereb autforligdhand to exeriise the satipe as fully as though con er erein rect u S n suc corpora on. Sac. 4. The `ri t·to‘{lteI12? amend, or l this Act is herebv A¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¢- repea _ expressly reserv _. s ‘ Approved, hfay 13, 1926. cnn. aenwua Act the consent or to crass. 1.. Mm, iii“?i§j`$§’f?i‘__ A. E. Harris, and T. C. Shattuck, of Duncan, Oklahoma, to construct a bridge [Public. No. 219.1 across Red River at a point between the States ef~Texae and Oklahoma where the rzinetyaighth merldiancmaam aaid Red River. Qc lit by- Senqte and ,H0use of Representatives of the Umted Staten oi America m Congress assembled, Thatthe consent }§‘?,,‘},.§§'ff·M,,, md of Congress IS _ eneby ted to Charles L., Mom, A. Harris, ggéggiggigggsgigt and T._ C. Shattuck, successors and assiggns, to construct, imma. ·mai.ntain, operate a and approaches 01‘ctg_8.o1‘o§§`fl1G Red River at a point suitab e to the interests ofnavigation, at L9°¤**°¤· or near a point between the Statesof Texas and Oklah6ma,,-,°6vherc the ninety-eighth crosses saidiRed River, in the countypof Jefferson, m the State of Oklahoma, in accordance with thepro- $g?g{j¤g{*gg_· visions of the Act entitled "An Act to re§1ate the constructioncf

  • ’£€%.?i§Z°‘ ·“(ii‘&.*?.§E*° `.l%2Z5"£§°'°‘ss€§°**` °€`i;·”X$i. ml “""'

J r WD., Ul ..10 09*1.. ,15. Sac. 2. There is hereby conferred upon the Charles L.- ,,,,R§"§€,?f‘*‘},§§° ’§,';.' A. E. Harris, and T. C. Shattuck, their heirs, legal re resentatives ¤>¤>··=¤¤¤~¤*¢- and assigns, all such rights and powers to enter éupon liinds and to accgiire, condemn, appropriate, occupy, possess, and an other property needed for the location, construction, operation, and inamtenancebofsuch bridge amd ,1tsfap|i»;road;l;es,,and_termm1;s;11s asaare poem y r1 eorporaions or._r1 _ purposesm e State or States ain wliigesuch rea1ticsta:?1`,an;l_otlt§rI5%,1rop,erty are ocated upon in 'ng yust coxnpeusa on ygere or [ ascertained and paid according to the laws of such State <ir,States;`_iand the °_,°,,,"•¤§_*;_j¤*¤¤**°¤ ¤'°· proceedings, therefor- shall be the same as in jhe condemnation and ` ex ropriation of ro rtyiu such Stateoikitates. _ _` , A ” . gmc. 3. The S8lgC`§:1‘]BS L. Moss, A. E. rris, and T. C. Shattuck T°“='· ¤°*’*°***°°· their heirs, legal mplresentativés and gh¢;‘¤igy=iil1l!3li0riZ¢<i’ i? E.? .i.“°.H’ °i.iZ’g‘?.s“’i S fir *l2§“* ‘££i°”a$"°“ii.E.a·b"@£‘“ sm "‘*‘°° esl A . .,¢¢¤s¤.r¤.}¢¤... Jt, .f,¤ Wim- under; the authority contamed m suc _Act of March 23, "°‘·“·*’·“· Sac, 4. After the date of completion of such bridge, gasdeteiiniined °,§jf;'§; ,§q’§g§_°g§g; by the Secretaryof War, either the State of Texas, the;State of •fm¤·>¤¤1>l¤=i<>¤· Oklahoma, any political subdivision of either of within or adjoining which any part of such bridge is or two or more of them jointly, may at ang txme acquire axidlzake over all ’i“*""P"°’ “”£ i“$§,i" S$£§2Z gt “§‘,$Li££§.°°$,*i°%y°‘éQ‘?sii‘LE“..E.°§“ m rea ro e · , e . , · tion in gccdidahce with the law ofbither of such States governing