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SIXTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sass. I. Cue. 753~—756. 1925. 831

 'I§ii-An Acs,'rc,_au¤iorize the   ctylthe Mess Tusct   Pu{%{:'f;},‘£,”,g·4?(i__

Be it by the·S'ehatc and House of Re he-ntatéves ofthe of War is he y authorized the Mesa"Darget mm °‘· •°’”¤'*•°°· Range, consistirx of sections 4 and 5, township 1 north, range 6 east Gila and S t River base and meridian, Arizona, and to dispose of the proceeds of such sale as is `rovided by the Act of Congress, v°‘—‘°·¥*°"· approved May 12, 19171 Statutes at Lar , page 67), providing for the ealsw `ftlfgdit Ty pprchase: 1- ’ ,Thatt.l1esa1eoftl1csaidtract bebypu lic sale, §§°$,‘§'g;¤,,,,,_,,,_ after such advertisement and under such regulations as the Secretary of War may prmcribo.  » Approved, July_8, 1926. e .. , Z A i ‘ J¤1y:,ms. m.?.”“t. b.z.?.Zt‘Th2’kt‘12.°Z?“f‘d2¥.§?°»$‘;““”-‘€‘w°°.$.,.,°“*?;,°°.'.§’.f‘c°‘.§§.‘“‘..’5 respect to the division and apportionment of ya waters of the Snake ver and its tributaries. _ , { A ‘ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the uhm xc United States of America in Oovsgress asaentbled, That the consent comm cv of Congress is hereby given to the States of Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, and Oregon to negotiate and enter into compacts or “ uw agreements providing for an equitable division and apportionment ,¤,.,;_ "°°° '°" among such States of the water supply of the Snake River and of the streams tributary thereto. Sno. 2. Such consent is given uggn condition that a representative m§;•·j•f;¥_$¤•t:¤_;j{i of the United States from the partment of the Interior, to be mm. p° apgointed by the President, shall participate in the negotiations an shall make report to Congress of the proceedings and of any coréipact or lggreemgnt entered mto. sh u be b dm nc. 3. o suc com set or agreement a in ' cv or L·f*=*·¤:¤ wg C0; obligatory upon either of such States unless and until it haslmeen g?$¤°im ppm N a proved by the legislature of epch of such States and by the Cgmgress of the United States. " _ _A' Sec. 4. The right to alter. amend, or repealthis Act is herewith Amwdmnt expressly reserved. Approved, July 3, 1926. CHAP. 755.-—An Act Pmhibiting an appeal to the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia from any interlocutory order in acrirninal action., *>“°·**°·*’°-l Be it enacted by the Senate and House vf reaenfatives o" the United sam oy; America in Congress, That mining i’.%°{..°°é..H‘”""t contained in any Act of shall be., empower the ;§§’,,*’;"‘,,·,,;*,,‘f,f'; {§§,",;§ Court of Appeals of the District of _ y togallow an appeal www nensnm.

 s interlocutory order entered in   action or

p or to enter ain any such appeal heretofore or hereafter allowed or taken. . A Approved, July 3, 1926. . V _ é_ 4 I _ V Ju?} 1915. CHAP. 75Q.-—An Act For tlienliefof the of North ihrolina. Be it byl the Scindteand House ‘0 e~ntattves ogttifee _ Umited States of America in 6'onyress ass , That the te "°"h °"°“‘”“ of North Carolina and the United States property and disbursing