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852 SIXTY-NINTH CONGRESS. rSsss.» I. Cs. 7'l*l.`~ ·1s2e. ciplsa and practicesgetoe rovidefor callig advisers to counsel with the Secretary of Agricultum omcoeperative activities; to authorize cooferative associations to acquire, interpret and disseminate cgrgp §;150x51&rket infomation, aud for other purposes," fiscal year 1 , ,,,L"§'§,,,, ”"“°“" ’· rmman. uemoonmnn sono ·¤¤¤¢u umu Not to exceed $85,000 of the appropriation of_$300,000 for the mmm qw. eradication of the pink boll worm of cotton, contained inthe Agri- “‘f}”° *5}*,,*:- cultural Appropriation Act for the fiscal year 1927, is hereby made V<’:‘§7»PP·u5» 851. available for the establishment of a quarantine to prevent the spread of the Thurberia weevil, under the Federal plant quarantine Act of August 20, 1912 as amended, including emlgoyinent of persons and means in the of Columbia and e w ere, cooperation with the States, and for all other necemry expenses; m•°°“¤•°°¤- xxscmmnmons Thru w¤·¤¤’¤ Pour Third World’s Poul:.3 Congress, Ottawa, Canada: To enable °’C°“""‘ the Secretary of ture to fpregnre, transgirt and demon- strate a suitable national exhibit or `splaay at e Third World’s Poultry Congress, to beiheld at Ottawa, anada, during 1927, as ·*”"·°·3°‘· authorized by Public Resolution."Numbered 18, Sixg-mnth Con- gress, approved April‘21, 1926, fiscal years 1927 and 1 8, $20,000. ·...‘3‘.;.*T“"“*°°‘°"’°‘°· DEPARTMENT OF commmacm oonrmenrrr nxrsxsns P'*”“”‘ “’° "‘”°‘ For all rintin and bind` for the De artment of Commerce, mg` including 511 of ia bureaus, ldlgces, institutigns, and services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, except the Patent Oilice and the Bureau of Mines, ilscal year 1926, $30,000, to be available until §,.•:•i{Q§g¤-Mw_ June 30, 1927. - ees. Y ° For printing the weekly issue of patents, designs, trade-marks, prints, and labels, exclusive of illustrations; and for printing, 0******* ¤¤¤•¤•- engraving illustrations, and binding the Oilicial Gazette, including weekly and annual 1ndices,‘§scal year 1926, $375 000. V . “°“‘· For, rent of additional space in the District of Columbia outside the Commerce Building, fiscal year 1927, $2,500. D°‘“""“°""”’· ' nnnos cnams James D. Crichton. v,,;_,,,,,_m7_ The sum of $30.50 of the appropriation of $188.25 made in the “ Third Deiicienc Act, fiscal {year 1923 " (Forty-second Statutes, page 1537), for tge ayment o claims adjusted and determined by the Department of and certiiied to Coggress in House Document 587, Sixtgsetenth Congress, ishereby m e available for payment to James . Crichton, o the Coast and Geodetic Survey as reimbursement for an eglial amount paidby him to the Wood and Bray Garage, Ashton, Id o, for the repair of a `privateéy owned automobile damaged b a `truclrof the Coast and Geodetic urvey. P'*'°‘° ¤*°¥**Y· To ay claims for dyamages to or losses of privately owned prop- erty adjusted and determined bly the Department of Commerce under v.,i_43_,,_ may the provisions of the Act entit ed " An Act to provide a method for the settlement of claims arising the Government of the United States in sums not exc ing $1,000 in any one case," iapproved December 28, 1922 as fully set forth in House, Document _ umbered 455, S1xty#mnth $1,000. T