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918 SIXTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 2-4. 1926. ?°¤“"”°, { '°* P°’· Sno. 2. That whoever except b lawful authorit , shall have

 control, custody, or ’ 'on of shy plate, stone, my other thing,

°°°”°°‘“ ‘ ,0r f,.gAom whichhasbpen ` ted.or, printed i any to . edt‘fo¤’Gov§l·mnen mm, or shall use such plate, stone, or othexzthing, or knowing y permit or suffer the same to be used in making any such form or request or any part of such a formror r phoeverr shallymake or engrave, or cause or procure to` made or ehgrggg, shall aigstuin makgrgg or engra g,any·p1ate,; st _ rv ,.111-. euoss any _ deaignstadltlgnr the printing of the genuine issues ojthzufozrm or reqmst, ·for Governnient transporta- tion; or whoever sh print, photograph, or in any other manner · ~make, execute, or or printed, photographed, made, A ~¤¤¤¤¤tpdr or s¤1<1»_r¤r shall Md u!_P1'P@tm8¢.Ph0t°&Y$Ph1¤8» mms. °}°°‘§t*¤g» °¥' 9°1h¤8» myd °¤gm}'1¤g»iPh°¢°§T¤Ph> Wmtr 0i' imP1‘¢8· sion m t e likeness of any genuine form or request for Government trangportation, or anyrpart thereof; or whoever shall bring into the ,. anyplace subject to the jurisdiction thereof, any te, stone, or"othnr thing, or engraving, ghotograph, print, or ot er imsparession of the form or request for overnmcnt trans- V upohucionvigétion be finednot-more than $5,000, or l _ xm risen more an I n·years,·or_·both,. .~ i » · ,,§g‘“¥,,§",,F'§,,,?° ’“"‘· argue.;-3a¤The {Secretary of the Treasury isahereby authorized to direcwandinse the Secret Service Division *of the Treasury Dgpart- ment ¢o·deoeet,~iarrest,~and. delivier into custody of the»United- tutes 1p1arshi1 2ur}3u¤il1;<ition*·any-person orpersons violating any of tepro'ons¢oit‘».ct.. F ‘ *¤ · ‘ Approved, §December11, 1_92e.__a A ‘" L} ‘ J · ' """"""""" " Dim"?. £'?‘r}rh§5°°‘ ¤1nr..s.gAn_glet‘_T¤ prevent purchase and sale, or pribur grace. bT—\c,No. .] · ’ " "· · " · " ‘ ·· ' Be it enuctédiby the1Senate and House of Representatives of the if wm ~S6ates=!of America in Gongese assembled, That it shall be other for muuihee to unlawful to pay or olfer or prom to ga’y"any sum of money,`or {{,‘,‘$‘}‘u‘f""°*“°°'°’°”' an other thing of value, to any person, rm, or corporation in·con- sidseration of t e use or promise to use an influence, whatsoever, to groom; any appointive gilice under the (government of the United , . tubes or, n rw atsoever. . _

*'g§."`*§,! `Smo.2§`Ii?1;hall` be unlawful to solicit or receive from anyone what-

mango tgmizztsanihnn- soever, either as a political contribution, or for personal emolument K.? " ’ " anyqsnmiofmoneyor thing ofvalue, whatsoever, in consideration- of

 the promia ori support, ori use of influence, or for,‘the”support or

influence ofthe payee, in behalf of the person prggg the moneé or any iothert rson in obtaining any appointive o A under the ov- ernmentoE:heUnited?Stetes.‘»,"= ·· 1 ` — 1 * I —· mQ:§*‘”¤°°° '°’ "*°‘ Sno. 3.*Anyone coiivictedef violating this Actj shall be punished by im risonment of not morefthan one year, or by a Eno or not more than gl,000 or by both such fine and imprisonment. pf$f***“°”’ I"' ’* » Acts and parts of Acts inconsistent herewith are hereby re - , ` V , ·• r ' . ` i Approved, December 11, 1926. Deeember11.1936. , » » . lH· B· ***7-] CHAP. 4.—~An Act To require the filing of an aiiidavityby certain officers of. {Taba; N°· in-1 the United . Be it enacted by the Semzte and House of Representatives of the F°°°"' °“°°“· United States of America in Oongresa assembled, That each indi- vidual hereafter appointed as an oilicer of the United States by the