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SIXTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sass. II. CH. 27. 1927. 941 For the pay of one special attorney for the Pueblo Indians of New ,,,QQ,Q;l‘* l"‘“*‘·’*’*·N”" Mexico, to be designated by the Secretary of the Interior, and for Mwr¤<>yf¤¤ riecessgry tiiavelxng expengeshofIsaid attorney, $3,300, or so much t iereo; as t ic Secretar o t e nterior may eem necessary. A For payment of salaries of employees and other expenses of adver- 1;%% ifgheji tising and sale 1n_ connection with the further sales of unallottcd aii»lfi° pm§»·3{}, {mm lands and other tribal property belonging to any of the Five Civil- """’°*’ds‘ ized Tribes, including the advertising and sale of the land within _ _ _ the segregated coal and asphalt area of the Choctaw and Chickasaw s,§,QhZ§§€§‘,W,,‘§}`,{‘ Nations, or of the surface thereof, asprovided for in the Act *”‘{}§· 4, P ,,0,, approved February 22, 1921, entitled "An Act authorizing the Sec- ` ’ ` ` retagg og the _Interior to offeg for sale remainder of the coal and asp a t eposits in segregate mineral land in the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, State'; of Oklahoma " (Forty-first Statutes at Large, page 1107), and of the improvements thereon, which is hereby expressly authorized, and for ot e_r work necessary to a final settle- pient of the affairs pf the lzive Civilized Tribes, $6,000, to be paid rom the proceeds o sales o such tribal lands and property. _ _ For the purchase of lands for the homeless Indians in California, C,%“2§’§§l§{f Iudmms "' including ilmprovemexgts thereon, for the use and occupancy of said P“‘°h”°°"”¤"*‘»'°’· Indians $ 000 said unds to be expended under such regulations and conllitibns las the Seicretary of the Interior may prescribe. For the urchase of ands including improvements thereon not - F?*l‘f?l‘?*’d Q“°°“‘“” exceeding eighty acres for any one familyi for the use and occupimcy m1i¤i-ii=`iii€°S2J&i¤¤¤Sf¤r- of the full-blood Choctaw Indians of ississippi, to be expended under conditions to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior for its repayglient tod the United States under such rules and regulations as e may irect $3 500. Tor carrying out the provisionh of the Act entitled “An Act provid- N£¥§t°5§,gii`,$§?k°°si" ing for the final disposition of the affairs of the Eastern Band of a,,*’,;§{,*S¤§,,d‘SP°Si"°¤ °’ Cherokee Indians in North Carolina,"t approved June 4, 1924, Vo¤.43`.1>.371. $7 ,000, or _so much thereof as may be necessary. moms Mmmm flip; rpgintenagce andhsuppoétgnd gnpéovgemeng gf ttlhe home%%ds Egg, Apaches, ond o a e iowa omanc e an pac e ri s 0 n 1ans in a- R; y homa, $100,000, to be paid from the funds held by the United States 1>¤ii¤f¤1i§¤Ii¤£iaIi€;¤¤S.S§i; in trust for saild Iéidians andf to be expended under such rules and PWM regulations as t e ecretary o the Interior may prescribe: Provided R iz`: c That the Secretary of the Interior shall report to Congress on thqi cm O mm first Monday in December, 1928, a detailed statement as to all moneys ex nded as provided for herein. y _ gfbr payment to the _Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Indians, of ¤¤§:1ii§s°iiiiii’idilii1s?u Oklahoma, from the tr1bal trust fund established by Joint Resolu- "”"·l’·“°· tion of Congress approved June 12, 1926 (Forty-fourth Statutes at Large, page 7405, ing a part of the Indians’ share of the money derived from the south alf of the Red River in Oklahoma, $100,000: ,,,00,80 Iirlgvidedil That the dsaid spam slgalll ble; distriguted slgare and share Equal {remnants. ai etoa recognize mem rso t e 'iowa omanc e and Apache Tribes, who are living on the date of the passage of this Act, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe. ' Industrial work, etc. rnnusirman Assrsraucn Arm ADVANCEMENT QFor the purposes of preserving living and growing timber on ,,,3ji"“"°""'*"""‘**i°”· Indian reservations and a lotments other than the Menominee Indian Reservation in Wisconsin, and to educate Indians in the proper care of forests; for the conducting of experiments on Indian school or m§,€§?""‘““ °‘p"’l' agency farms designed to test the possibilities of soil and climate in the cultivation of trees, grains vegetables, cotton, and fruits, and F . . . . armers and stock for the employment of practical farmers and stockmen, in addition men. to the agency and school farmers now employed; for necessary