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PAN AMERICANQTRADE MARKS. Aran. 28, 1923Q 2499 Any annual surplus in one ofthe Bureaus shall be assigned to the reduction of the deficit, if any, of the other. _ The Inter American Bureaus shall not incur" any expense or=`obli— mg,‘§2F°° -'°"“i'·°` gation whiclrdoes not appearl in theirrdefinitive budgets and for which no funds may have been made available at the time- of incuré ` such expense orobligation. .» · ` — i ’ _ ~ -l - who provisional budget of- annual-. expendit1u·es?of each Bureau shall .be_ submitted to the approval of the Government of the State in which such Bureauéisestablished, and shall beicommunicated to the contracting States for such observations as they may see fit to formulateu · - · * » · · ‘ A The auditing of the accounts of the Inter American Bureaus shall *°°‘“¤¢- be doneby the ofiicer authorized by the respective government, and the Directors of .the Bureaus shall transmit the·auditor’s report to the contracting States through diplomatic channels. " e R Amucnm XIII* *' Trade-marks which enjoy the protection of the Convention of 1910 mI;”§0t§°$;%$lE§fi°"°°' shall continue to enjoy this protection without payment of any fees to the contracting States. , _ , The High Contracting Parties agree that the protection accorded by their national legislation to all marks received ul? to the day on which the revised Convention becomes effective sha continueto be granted in accordance with the Convention of 1910, if they have ratified it. · ARTICLE XIV 'Ijhe ratifications or adhesions to this Convention shall be commu; raggg;?0*i;¤*”¤ °' nicated to the Government of the Republic of Chile, which shall ` communicate them to the other signatory or adhering States. These co " unicationsshall take the Ylace of an exchange of ratiiications. i'i~`HLd revised Convention shal become effective thirty days after m°°“"°d°*°· the receipt by the Government of Chile of notice of ratification by a number of countries equivalent to one third of the signatory States; and from thatlmoment the Convention signed on,August 20, 1910 shallcease to exist, without prejudice to the provisions of'Article XIII of this Convention. ` ` A The, Government of Chile obligates itself to communicate sbytele- m<j1g¤gg;?g{g¤tg;¤¤ W raph and in to all the signatory and adhering States the ` date on which the onvention in its. Eresent formbecomes effective in accordance with the provisions of t `s Article. ` " Anrrcnn. XV. The American States not represented in this Conference may ¤0‘l`l$“$¤}§§,S°°°°' adhere to this Convention by communicating their decision indue form to the Government of the Republic of Chile, and shall be assigned to the group which each may select. · Aivrronn XVI _ Any signatory State that may seefit to withdraw from this COB? W‘“‘d'“"°“· vention, shall so notify the government of the Republic of,·Chile, which shall communicate the fact to the other signatory States; and one year after, the receipt of such notification, this Convention shall cease in respect of the State that shall have withdrawn, but such withdrawal shall not affect the rights previously, acquired in accord- ance with this Convention.