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PAN AME1:1cAN··1·1:A1>E MARKS. Ami. 28, wes. 2501 Article III. The proper Inter American Bureau, upon receipt of E°*’Y°”“'°*“· the communication of the ofiice of the State of iirst registration or deposit; mentioned in the forelgoinéarticle shall enter all the informa- · tion in its books and inform t e o ce of the State of Erst registration or deposit of the receipt of the application and of the number and date ofthe entry. I . Article IV. Ccgies of the entry in the books of the resgective S,E,‘f,§{°’ *° “““’“°°" Inter-American ureau containing all the details reciluired s all be sent to the administration of the States in which t e Convention has been ratified and in which protection is applied for. This data shall also be sent to the other contracting States, for the purposes of information. Article .V. The Inter American Bureaus shall publish in their bulle- bu§§g{*g,$§°°°i°¤S *¤ tins reproductions of the marks received and such particulars as are ' necessary. Article VI. The notice of accepltance, opposition or refusal of a trggjwgtgcngtaggsé mark by the contracting States s all be transmitted b the proper time others., Inter American Bureau to the administration of the Slate of first registration or deposit with a view to its communication to whom it may concem. Article VII. Chanie:1 in ownership of a mark communicated to °”¤°”h*P°’*°¤¤*’¤· the respective Inter erican Bureau shall be entered in its register and correagiindinqghnotice sent to the other contracting States. Article II. e Directors of the Inter American Bureaus, may, 0,·}§;_?,§'}1°{,”,ggf£,S_°*°·· in their discretion, appoint or remove the officials or employees of their Bureaus giviaig notice thereof to the governments of the coun- tries where such o ces are established. Si d In Witness whereof, the Delegates sign this Convention, and aHix .»¤r$Z°°`K°°°” ’°“1°' the seal of the Fifth International Conference of American States, in the city of Santiago, Chile, on the twenty eighth day of the month of Agni, in the year one thousand nine hundre and twenty three, in Er'? sh, Spanish, Portuguese and French. ‘ his Convention shall be filed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ,,§,§’,',2.£',?‘§;,,‘Z§’°’ °° of the Republic of Chile in order that certified copies may be made and forwarded through appropriate diplomatic channels to_ each of the Signatoiiy States. a (Signed) or'Venezue1a: C. Zumeta, José Austria; for Panama: m°'“"°°°“"“"°“‘ Narciso Garay, J. E. Lefevre; for the United States of America: Henry P. Fletcher Frank B. Kellogg, Atlee Pomerene Willard Sauls , Frank Partridge, George E. Vincent, William Eric Fowlertuii. S. Rowe; for 'Urug/aay: J. A. Buero, Eugenio Martinez Thed ; for Ecuador: Rafael . Arizaga, José Rafael Bustamante, A. Lgunoz Verna a; for Chile: Agustin Edwards, Manuel ·Rivas Vicuiia, Carlos Aldunate S., L. Barros B., Emilio Bello C., Antonio Huneeus, Alcibiades Roldan, Guillermo Subercaseaux, Alejandro del `Rio; for Guatemala: Eduardo Poirier Maximo Soto Hall; for Nicar ua:»Carlos Cuadra Pasos, Arturo Elizondo; for Costa Rica: Aleanidro Alvarado guiros; for the United States of Brazil: Afranio de iviello Franco, S. uliigel do Amaral, J. de P. Rodriéuez Alves, A. de Ipanema Morcira, elio Lobo; for El Salvador: ecilio Busta- mante; for Colombia: Guillermo Valencia, Laureano Gomez, Carlos Uribe Echeverri; for Cuba: J. C. Vidal Caro, Carlos Garcia Vélez, A. de Aguero, M. Marquez Sterling; for Paraguay: M. Gondra; for the Dominican. Republic: Tulio M. Cestero; for Honduras: Benjamin Villaseca M.; or the Argentine Republic: M. A. Montes de Oca,- Fernando Saguier, Manuel E. Malbran; for Hayti: Arthur Rameau.