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2572 PROCLAMATIONS, ms. vides for reciprocit in the antin of co ` ht b the terms of which agreement tlire UnitedgIStatesgmay, gg pleagure, become a party; thereto: A D WHEREAS it is provided by Section 1(e) of the said Act of Congress approved March 4, 1909, that the provisions of the Act "so far as they secure copyright controlling the parts of instruments sewing to reproduce mec_ anically the musical work, shall include only compositions published and copyrighted after this Act goes into effect, and shall not_ include the works of a foreign author or com- poser unless the foreign state or nation of which such author or com- poser is a citizen or subject grants either by treaty, convention, agreement or law to citizens o the United States similar ` hts", AND the President is authorized by the Snfiiig Section 8 to determine proclamation made from time to time the existence of the reciproc V conditions aforesaid, as the pmposes of the Act W 36 M requirer A _ 4 _ _ voij 5,}* ,,,,_· ,0,,, ND WUEREAS the President by proclamation dated A 111,9, 1077- 1910, did_ declare andproclum that one of the alternative conditions Specified m Section 8 o the Act of March 4, 1909, was then and from uly 1,, 1909, had been fulfilled in respectito the subjects of Austria an that the subjects of Austmawere and smce July 1, 1909 had been entitled to all the benents of the said Act other t an the benefits of Section 1,(e) thereof. _ ‘ _ A "°“°“ by ‘*‘“’“‘“‘ AND satisfactory omcial assurances have been re- ceived that in.Austr1a protection of copfyright, which is similar to the protection afforded y Section 1(e) o the Act of March 4, 1909, iIsT aired} August 1, 1920, has been available to citizens of the ni tates. , · .. t€?.i¥:f;°‘& ‘i,"..:1*,‘i.°$’.:,·2 NQW ¢r1mnEFoRn,1,oALwN coomocn, President ofthe g_g,=g,¤rgp;¤;g¤u*;¤tgg§ United States of America do declare and proclaim r . Vo1.35,p.10’I6. ' That on and after Augpst 1, 1920, the conditions specified in Sec- tion 1(e) of the Act of arch 4, 1909, existed and were fulfilled in respect to the citizens of Austria and that citizens of Austria are and since August 1, 1920, have been entitled to all the benefits of_Section 1(e) of the Act of Congress approved March 4, 1909,_inc1uding copy- right controlling the parts of instruments serving to reproduce mechanically musical works. °°”‘”“°”‘· PROVIDED That the enjoyment by any work of the rights and benehts conferred by Section 1(e) of the Act of March 4, 1909, shall be conditional upon compliance with the requirements and formalities prescribed with such works by the copyright laws of the nited States. , AND. PROVIDED FURTHER that the provisions of= Section 1(e) of the Act of March 4, 1909, in so far as they secure copygglliit controlling the Sparta of instruments serving to reproduce mechani y musical works allzjaply only to compositions published after August 1, 1920, and " ter j for cotpy1§ht in the Umted States which have not been repi§Lgced within e nited‘States p1·ior to the date of this proclamation on any contrivance by means of which the work may be mechanical] Egiéformed. _ 1 IN WITN ·WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the sealeof the United States to be affixed. DONE at the citgu¢f_Washingtcn this eleventh day of March in the ‘ year of y Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty- [sur.} five, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and forty-ninth. l · ~ A Csrvriz Ooounsn By the President: ` Fmmx B Knuiose Secretary of State.