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2592 PRooLAMAT1oNs, 1925. forty-five North, Range four East; thence southerly to the southeast comer of said Township; thence westerly to the southwest corner of Section thirty-Eve, Township forty-five a North, Range three East; thence northerly to the northwest corner of Section two said Town- ship; thence easterly to the southeast corner of Townshi forty-six North, Range three East; thence northerly to the ppint of also Lot three, Section ten Township forty-six orth, Range five East—all Mount Diablo Us te Mme Na. The reservation made by this proclamation is not intended to §$g’_LF°'°°*~’°* ”“‘ prevent the use of the lands for National Forest Epurposes imder the proclamation establishing the Modoc National crest, and the two reservations shall both be effective on the land withdrawn but the National Monument hereby established shall be the dominant reservation and any use of the land which interferes with its dpreserva- tion or protection as a National Monument is hereby forbi den.- m§;·{“6,`j;d”°m °°“‘°‘ Warning is hereby given to all unauthorized persons not to appro- pgiate, injure, deface, remove, or destroy anylgeature of this National onument, or to locate or settle on any of t lands reserved by this proclamation. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereimto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be adixed. DONE at the City of Washington this 21st day of November ‘ in the year of our Icrd one thousand nine hundred and [1] twenty-ive, and of the Independence of _the United States of America, the one hundre and Bftieth. Oanvm Coomnon By the President: Fnam: B Knmoeo Secretary of State.

 BY mm Pnnsmsm or run Uurmn Srxms or Amnnroa

A PROCLAMATION vrmrnrphmaa WHEREAS, an Act of Congress, entitled the "Merchant Marine

§{L'Q§’,,,,,0v;,;.,,,,, Act, 1920 ", approved June 5, 1920, contains the following provisions

V°L*1·P·°°"· "Sec. 21. That from and after February 1, 1922, t e coastwise laws of the United States shall extend to t e island territories and ‘ of the United States not now covered thereby, and the ard is directed prior to the expiration of such year to have estab- lished adequate steamshx service at reasonable rates to accommo- date the commerce and e passenger travel of said islands and to maintain and operate such service until it can be taken over and operated and maintained upon satisfactory terms by private capi- tal and enterprise; Provided, That, if adequate shipping service is not established by February 1, 1922 the President s all extend the period herein allowed for the establishment of such service in the case of any island Territory or possession for such time as may be neces- sag or the establishment of adequate shipping facilities therefor.’ ’ vo; ,,_,,_,,,_ A D WHEREAS, an adequateshipping service to accommodate the commerce and the passenger travel of the Virgin Islands has not been established as provided by Section 21 of t e "Merchant Marine Act ~1920"; . VOL Q, ,,,,_ 2,,,, AND WHEREAS, the President of the United States in accord- 2m W- ance with the authority vested in him by Section 21 of the ‘ ‘ Merchant Marine Act, 1920", has from time to time, to wit, on February 1, 1922 on May 18, 1922, on October 28, 1922, on October 25, 1923, on April 7, 1924, on October 23, 1924, and on Ap1·il 25, 1925, issued