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2604 rnocmmrrous, mc. V°‘· *3· ¤· mz — Whaeas, it ¤ppsa¤¤<that¤u:tain·of·tbe puhlic lands described in the at:·t_mf Oongre$;g:·oved—MqclhQ$¢?g5l (:33m;bSt£:?¤1282),lj1<;1uz;d by ‘ Secretary 'cultun dur " y v · ormatio 2 crest pu§•ose¤,ahould beadded to tbeWhitman National Eorssntii we i¤¤¤¤¤¤¤· ow,‘tha·efo1·e,¤I, GQOLIBGE; President otithe United States of America, by Vl1'$IlB.0£:th0e§'6IHI.im3ZVNtQd by thefefore- sa1d_•btj¤f¢Mamh 92-Seentitlotl !‘ _, Act To authorize theaddintion ¤of¤c•rtam_landsEto;t&¤e;¤VVihiumn ’N•taonal Forest"’, ado that thsafollorwmgrdcscnbed public lsndsare hereby added to the Whitman National Fomst, subject to priorvelid claims: - .,.·»¤ s Y _;. e

 fe »     e.’, )'YW¤i1@te Meridien I  V  

¤e·¤¤¤¤¤. indi 1U s. 'R. sv is; say `Nwy 31 say sway and sy $1% .3.2 ,SW%. SW}? 33 a1id_W}5 SEM Sec. 34t 2 SW}/.. li3$·, RL§%,§§;·<?g$.15.2i.3.1¤¤d;¥.,;S% jNW}4s¤nd NEM l· V tg ·> .° i’.U7 S i I ". YZ I here hereunto set my handgand caused the $¤¤1¤T·the$a§snited`,St¤teS $9 be `%fB;<ed· ‘ g j _ ‘ ‘.t_ s

   City O£‘W&$hiDg$Q1i;§hi$ third day of‘Marcli, in the
Y.§ — 4 `V.. I¢¢’¤T,Qf DU?)L<>1‘d{¤¤B.¥l§QuS¢i¥i4iinine"himdredgand twenty-

`dbb ;[$1l3AI;] If six; Mid the “Inde£`eiidence _of_+the_ United; States of ‘ ( ` America t e one ed and iizftiethé. Q · V

By·;th¤aPresig¤i§;" A y " ·

§ j ,gjSee·e¢cry_ofScc¢;. _ j ` Z Mmaame. _ ·n’t Srxms or Aunizica. l Y ` `  » i V ( A·1¥Roor.AM.ur1oN;a;—;" U ~ 7 ` 'Tarid 0,. me,. wheieis andbylsection sis'(a>`f$:lm14n1 at the ra a:`_ctngmS §,§f§g,§§;- m,mm_ approyed September 21, 1922, entitled “,Au, act to providesreyenue, carb. 42 pi M tqregailate commercemith foreigngconutries, to enjcourage the indus- ' ’f·1‘{¢S of hh6Uu1fed;St¤i>ee. &ud.£or.othe1: purposes; p it is; amongpther ,tb.1n%prov1dzd that wheneveivthe Preeldenit- UPOP-’1B¥9€t1§°·t10¤ of g . ummgmi oilpmduquoh 0£gg·t,ggl3$;W1101ly,OI`1B- art the growth or pr0duc¤t<>f··th6=U¤ii?6d:S$¤*~¤¤· Q? *Fti‘ cies wholly or ein sqrt »th¤é§r<·wth; orzgeduet ef _¤<>r¤1>¢t¤eai f<2r¢¤s¤ eountnes, shall tin it ther yshowu t tithe dutres fixed in this ect do not equaiizethe said differences iucostsoffroduction in th¤q`U¤ited States and the competing; country, _sgs1g•,a1I, such investi- gation, ascertain 951_Fd1g9N}i¢6€ ¤¤d;=,d¤¤¢1'¤1Hw M} -PI0<>1¤1m thc changes in classifications or mcreases;or;decre¤se¤_ m rates of dutv providgd mdsaid ;act shown by saidmlascertiamed differences in such costs 0 pro uction necessary to ize t e samer 3_ . _ V°’· *2· P- °*’· Whereas in and by section 315 of said act it isfurttlier provided that .11} 8.SQ6I`t8·1I1II]g dJ.EGI'9H0€$ ID G9§(78i of P§Od�t•1QHy _U11d9iQ the rovisions of sub·d1v1s10ns (a) and (b) of said section, the President, 1D so ¥ar as he finds it practicable, shall-take into consideration (1) the differ- ences in conditions in production, including wages, costs of material, and other itemsin costs of production of such or similar articles in the United States and in competing foreign countries; (2) the differences in the wholesale sellmg prices-of domestic and foreign articles in the rmcipal markets of t e United States; (3) advantages granted to a ¥oreign producer by a foreign government, or by aaperson, partner- ship, corporation, or associationin a foreign country; and (4) any other advantages or disadvantages in competition; t ’ ‘ _ Whereas, under and by virtue of said section of said act, the United States Tariif Commission has made an investigation to assist the