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PROCLAMATIONS, 1926; 2831 Br. run Pnasrnnm- or can UNITED`STATEB or Ammrca ¥ A UPROCLAMATION ~;‘ _ WHEREAS in and by section.315 —(a) of Tit1s·II£[_ of the actmf g`gjgg;¤¤¤¤¤¤*- Congress approved·September 21, 1922,1entitle¢¥!‘An-l·aét1ii:$'prov¤ide Statutoryl anaem- revenue, to regulate commercelwit:li’foreigm“oo11nx.ries, etofeuebnrage “‘§?;,,_,2,,,_w_ the industries of the United States, andforiother gurposesfirit 1s, amongiother =§]I§)V’lil8d that whenever other reeiident, upon investigation of A e·· ` erences in» costs. of production: oil articles wholly or in-part the growth or product of thef United<States and of like onsimilar articles wholly or in part the growth or product of competing foreigln countries, shall find it thcrelgifizzhovvnrciiiatrizhe duties Hxed in t is act do not equalize the said, T renceszin costs of production in the United States and the principal competing coimtry he shall, by such investigiition, ascertain said differences and deter- mine and proclaim the c anges·-inrclassiications or increases or de- creases in, rates of duty provided in said act shown_by saiddasccr- tained differences in sniclroosts of production neoessaryito equalize, ` M tesame; ___< _ _ Whereas in and by section 3l6·’(o) of said act it is further provided V"' *2* "‘ w" that in ascertaining the differences in costs of production, under the V provisions of subdivisions ’(aY and' (b) of isaidseotiqn, fthe 1President 1 inso far as he ijndsritpracticable, shallitake acccccneacmicn (1) - the differences m’·conditious‘·in production; incluklmg-wages§—‘costs of materialyand other items in VC0S(’B°'G[ production oi! such onniniilsr articlesinl tliee United States, and imcompeting iforelsg {countries; (2)ythei differences infthe;·wholceaie¥eelIingipriees»·&rii‘_ ' 2 _ tioand foreign articles in they principal. niarkets = the · United! States $(3) advantages granted to a‘·foreigp·.producer ¥by* la} goveminent, or by a pci-scn,·pan1anership,·i’ccrpcration—, o;·»—associcuon‘in ·a‘!er6ign country; cnd·‘ (4) any · other advantages ori

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· ·Whereas, _1inderaudT—by -·virtue1c£<sni¤1·secticn¤¤o! caimapcg the United Sta*tes·Tariff Oommission¤hasi1iiade‘* ani inveetigationwo assist the Brccidcnt‘in_f-·ascemizrin thegii¥crences~in·ccsts-·o£;·pmdudsicn of andtof allotheri facts ‘angeoi1d1tionsieuiimcra€edlin—said‘scctioh V 01 869 with respect to the articleidcscribed nrparagraph &=ot·*Di·t1e·I—=ot¤sn:id ‘ *2* "‘ ‘ tariff act cr 1922;‘nan::e1y, Alcohol: rnethylmtvycod*<(cr¤1ne¢.hanc1), being wholly or inpar the growtli·or’productltof— tl1é¥United’ States, andfof and with respect toe a like or similar articlcwihiblly ori infpart th%vg;cwth’cr product 0fcompeiti11g*f6reig*n°oonn§ries'}".f it W M { ‘ ereas in the courseof said investigationa ·lieai~ing waaheld, of which reasonable public notice ’w*as=‘ g*iven`—e$i1ii€$ait>iwhichj parties interested were given reasonable‘opportkmity,=to"be`preeent,¤[toF pro- ` duco evidence; anim 2 ‘ *1 · ._ ·.{ r ’¤·; t .. !%··>.l}4i.i ¤c··_ {hui;. .’ And whereas thealhesident iiponisaid investigation of‘saidi·’diffe§1·~· ences in costs of production of said article wholl Y61"ili‘pai;t the growth or product of the <United’ States · and of the similar article wholly or `inpartthe growth cr roduct of con1petingiforeign‘eoun- tries, has thercby"found’,that‘ t e‘principai‘competinge·co11:!tiy is German} and that the duty said title and actdoes not equal- ize the iiferences injcestsiof production in =the’United»States and in said principal ccmpezing*ccuntry, namclgv; Germany;--and hcsasccr- tainedand determined the increased rate of’duty¢ toequaly

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· Now, therefore, I, Calvin CooHdgc,·‘1>rcsidcnt·or*¢hc,United·*Stctcs mggheggmgodgggagg of America, do hereby deterininel and` proclaim ythati the increase differences i¤‘c¤Sf»S or in the rate of duty provided in said act shown by said ascertained °'°°"°°i°°‘