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SIXTY—NINTH CONGRESS. Sass. I. Cn. 606. 1926. 1585 The name ill garet C. Coo widow of Raymond S. Coo ,*’,•°‘°°•|,*¤*j*’°*••°(,· late of_the Ugited.States Navy, miner Estahlishment, and paygi C ` a pensum atiibo r•taof$20 per month m l1eu.of that she is now

$2_;pe1£um&:th addit3:•1nal» on Fecoxznet of each minor

ollild ` e 0 si n years. Theonani 0f0Jol:phine H§yes? widow of Avery W. Hayes ’°•°P“¤• “·H”°* late bandmaster, United States _avy, Regular_Estabhshment, and pay her a pension atpthe rate of $20 per month m lieu of that she is m'l"he name oi Sarah A. Evans, widow of G. Evans, late of B"‘”""‘ ""‘ the Marine Corps, United States Navy Mexican War, and pay her apensionatthe rateof$4»5perm0nti1in1ieu0fthat shexsnow

 ·’ - • Penion.

i name of Jemne E. Buckley, widow of Dame! J. Buckley, JM, E_B,,,,k,,,_ late 6rst·class fireman, United States Navy, Regular Establishment, anggay her a pension at the rate of $12 per month. name 0 Cornel1a_ H. Clopton, W1dQW_0I Clopton £y“f·*g,e¤CT”{¢,m late of Captain John F1eld’s company, V1r Mllltll, War of 1812, and pay her a pension at the rate of §?)uper month in lieu ofthatsheisnowreceiving. v_ - _ _ The name of James Burke, late of Battery A, First Regiment }’_;,,"§,°'{,’·,,,¤ Maine Heavy Artillery, war with Spain, and pay him a pension at the rate of $18 per month. _ _ mm G P · The name of John G. DeCan§p, late of Comgmy E, Regi- ·”'°"° · ment glgio Infantrlyawar with pam, and pay m a pension at the Thee namepglf IJ.:mes H. Jevens, late of Comgany KLXS-eeond Regi- ¥•¤¤¤• ¤·¥••¤ ment Georgia Infantry, EI with- Spain, an pay ' a pension ttherate,f12e - · The namgoi Hsu mJ)1livenile, late of Troo Third and Troop Hm """'“'~ D, Sixth Regimenti¤uUnited States Caval , ar Establishments, and pay him a _ 'one at therate of _$g&e)1;nmonth. _ 5 _

 M.     pulgml),   John M. Stephens.

ment 0 _ _ , war vu pam, pay _ a pension th?1`gmn:1§1¢?f?Cru!:i(;§%ler awidow of John Mi1ler,'late.0f Com- pany A, Battalion Kanms Cavalry,. Indian wars, and payherapensionatq v_ rateof$20perm0nthinlieuofthatsheie new receiving. · - . '1‘hem,me0fM .A.sD0nagh, 'do fTho h lte M•¤*·¤•¤•¢'¤- of- Comxy F, Se.irg11th`Begimeri,til'Ji1it¤i'd°StateslI1n.d5ia u· Estlgrlisf uentgh and pay her a pension at the rate of $20 per month ’ ' t ' w receiving. i tates v Indian wa i pensi A. 21* gbnim Pzaeezemx MM of $30 per month in lieu of that he is niew receiving. , X The name of Lanier late of Company F, Sixteenth §,•g;*_L¤,“,._ Regiment, and Compan D, _ Second Regiment, United States In angry, Regular Igstabfishment, and pay him a pension at the te $12 t _ A · , M , nTh`; namepglf Jlgliln l}ud1ey, late of Cem any,.L, Eighteenth B.egi— ment'United States Infantry, Regular Esiiablishmentkgdypay him apensi0nattherateof$30per‘monthinlieu0ft heisnow The of Helena Bunt, de udent mother of J oeeph W. Bunt, H•*•¤• Bm late of Treo B,, Thirteenth Regiment United States Cavalry, Regular pay her at pension at the rate of $20 _ ow receiving. P” 0fmJ¢i’hn E. Hanger: late of Comgang B,,Twentieth ’°"” ‘·H‘°’°‘* Regiment United States Infantry, Regular Esta lis ment, and pay 43%%-21—rr3—0