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SIXTYQNINTH CONGRESS. I.- Cn. 807.Y :1926. ;li597

 Thenaue·=e£·;&.maiid¢>J;¥a»Kir ` at:-idx;      *’,¤¤**¤•, *¤¤·•••¤·m|

£·¤qi¢=k» vf B B¤¤•1i<>¤» Eizl¤p¤¤¤n¢h‘>B¤eiment;‘K¤¤¤•¤» 0~vi1ry; ¤¤·= i" " jwue, heraépensieu at the éyf ment}; inlie¤of;that>she‘ non V ’ if--·=¢ S `— Y+_;=¢Y·? Tg name of Joseph·§i0vider;, ofllompany A, ’°‘°¥"’ P- °**°*- _ _ ‘ lien, pay=hini a peiisionmt-_jtl¤e rate of.$30‘p¤r—m¤¤th_iin*lie11¤fth¤it ais-new VI =» »‘ _· ‘- rum. » name 0fTR1¢hl1'd*Ml¤kId6W, late of , Ninth Regiment B*°'““* “*¤‘¤d·"- Umted States_Cavalry, wars, and pay im a pension at the !’|W¤`£‘Q9P¤¤lh0nthL? 2 V. { L - V .·"_ re¤¤¤¤1¤¤e•sa1.‘ The name o:f:_ of I1,·•érA. Hackett, late of M°"E‘H‘°"°“‘ Company B, iment United States Infantry, wars, andpay hei·»a.pension;at-the rate~of*$20 per month‘m·lieu.of<that eheisnow V ». -i . 1 , ,_ mum The namenof Ne _ B. Marshall, late of 0ompa.ny.H,,-’1‘vventy- N°”°¤ B- M·¤¤¤“· third Infantry, war. with Spain, and pay him a pensioneat thereto of=$8 per month; --‘ =.· V i ~ a s - pmmimm » The nameof Mae-Brewnlee, nwidow of Peter‘·Brownlee, 1ate,o£ M*°B'°"¤*°¤ the United States Navy, andupay her a pension at the rate of $80 per. month, with- $2 per mo additional foreeiach of the saiIor’s children under éxteen years- of age, in lieu-»of the the-iis nowreeeiving. -» .. ··. . -£ Au lu — The nameof Francis A. Lick, alias I.ick{£-ate.ofVCon1- imma; 1iu¤.°k’ °° pany G, ¤'Dwenty~seventh Ilegiment-Uni States In try,-indian warskznd pay a pensmn at the rateof $S0=pe1·—month in lieu of that isnowreeeivmga V , ... - i..e-- Q; mm ‘ The _name'0f H1em·yV0el§1ardt,. late musician, Third °°`°"°°° United States Infantry, In 'an wars; and pay him- a pension at the rate ofi$30‘per.mbnth in lieu of atheis now receiving;. I The name nf Juliana Macmanus, widow, of CharlesZ.Macmanus, "‘“‘“" “'°"“*"“’· late Third Regiment-Louisiana Militia Infantry, Mexican War an »Eny her a pensionat the 1‘Il'B.0f $50per month in lieu of that she nowreceiving. ` i n Ve rum - Thenaxne of Jennie C:·.`Le{§et, [wid:-Jw -0fZJ h Izelydet, late of ’°'""° °·I‘°"°‘· Battery L, Third Regiment nited States , wars, and pay her a nsion at the rate of.$12 permonth. Y Bdkopdycn

 name o£p%el1e Opd ke,-widow of.George Opdyelne, late? of V

Tmolp F, Sixth Regiment- Skies Cavalry, -wars,-and ‘ paiimerya pensionat the rate of $12 r month. ‘ z- », }*¤_;¤é¤¤B;§¤g1•$¤m ‘ name of James Slianley alias Croley,elate—ofaCompany mm cmuy. Vy’ um B,·Fourteenth United .lnfant1·y,- Indianewars, and pay him a pension at the rate of $30<pe1‘·month in lienorfathat heis now receiving 4. V .' i . , .;_ 5 _.. Q Pendout · The name of John late of Company- H, I°h°s°°°t' Colorado Infantry, war wi Spain, and pay him-a- pension at the rateof$12permonth.Y ,l., » = V .. 1 hhksidw. I The name- of Frank` Siddall, late of Treo iF,. First Regiment ' United -StatesiCavalry,Indian wars, and pay >lum` a pensiong at· the rate of $6 per month. r mm Thename of»WinnieJTu:x·ner, widow of.7W•.l1oee Tumor,-nlatepof - ° ‘ 'Proolp-L, Ninth Regiment United States°Cavalry, Indian-wars, and pa _e1·‘-apeniion at the rate0f$12gper~month. =· ‘· _ · -· V ‘ The name iof 'St. Clair,»widow Bf »Galeh¤·St.¥. Clairylate? of ’ Company B, _Eleventh,»¤ and ·-Sixteenth, Begiments United Statee‘Infan|zy·-Regular md‘ pay her a pension at the rate of $20 per month in lieu ow that sheis new -¤·n»·¤ oem. S»“M¢Caleb,··‘wid0w eeimume axmeotmes, ’“‘°“·“°°"°"· late of ’Oompany·E,-First Regiment: Virginia V'olnnteers,·Me:iean