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SIXTYJHNTH CONGRESS. —S¤. 1. cu. cov. me. 1603

 of‘Cmrad E Nelson, late of Fifth Compandy, United °¤•¤·¤¤·N*¤¤-
   Regular Eaisbhshmengm pay. him

a mon at the rate`of·$8 psrnonth. · é · = · rmonnmm. ., Allard, widow of Silaa,J.· Allard,late of '*`•¤*“¤¢ '1‘r?—B, Sixth;Beg1ment United wars, and pay erapensionattherateof$0permenthmheuofthatsheis nowreoe1v1ng.;,» ‘ W ·· rmm Thoname of Sarah J. Willoughby, widow of Thomas Willoughby, “•'””-W*”°°¢¤'>Y· late of Company E, Regiment United States Cavalry, Indian wars, and pay her.spens1on.attherat•of$18permonth. _ rmmlwaaa. Thename of Btephm H. of Company H, Fifth 8********- '**•**~ Beg1inentUmtod_States Infantry, _ yars,andpay_hima pens1on»attherateof$30perm¤¤thmlieuofthatheisnow The name of F01‘l'@·E. Andrews, late of Sixth Begi- ’°”•°*E··“*’*•“ ment United States Artillery, war with tn, pay _h1m a pens1onattherateof$17per1n$hh dthatheisnow l‘B($1Vl.Ilg. Pension. ThenameofFrankG.IAnd,' late•fTn•pH,‘I%alfth ` ent ""*“"“·““"- United States Cavalig, Philippine innniiea, and pm a pension at the rate of 12,per month. _ _ }’e:-naéninareaaed. The name of John C. of Congy K, First Beg- ° ·B‘“”"'”‘· ment Ohio Infantry, war with Spun,b=¤d psy a _pens1on at e rateof$9¢1permouthinlieuofthat isnowr•o•i§:& _ ream The name of David Tazeler, late of Troop F, _ Regiment D""“ "`“°‘°'· g1nite<%°St;itge§s0Cavaky, Ear with Spam, and pay him a pension at 8 YB 0 r IBOD, ‘ » V Pendonineressad. The name of¥;ancis Shetais, alias Frank Stay, late eqout, Ben— ,,$’§{,§f‘°““·’““ vi11eMinnesotaRangers,Ind.ianwars,andp•yhimapennonatthe rateof$80permonthinlienofthatheianowr•oeiving. rum Thenameof Rupert lateof the Umted States R°"°"'°·m°“"" Navy, Regular Establishment, psy him a at the rate ofm per momth of hi; mmtal §,,,,,,§,,#,,,,,,_ name o w o . ams, °¤•¤ · late rear admiral, United States , avy, and pay her a at therate of $50 per month in lieu of that she is now receiving. The name of George F. Hathaway, late of Company Fifteenth °°°"°’-H°"'•“’· Begiment~Umted States lnfan¤t·y,“and pay him a_pena1on at rateof$30permonthml1eu0f heisnowreoeivmg. MWL, The· name of Mag A. Brown, dependant mother o John Ray 0 Brown, late of the _ nited States Navy, and psy her a pension at l`h0!&l’00f$20PB!!Il0'Dl'·hlDllB�flillltIllBlIMW!608lVlDg. .The name of Annie E. Cade, widow of F. Cade lateof “““° E‘ °“°· Company D, .Xl11BlBU1tl1i;R8gl.lll8Ilt Kansas t oluntoer Cavalry, and pay er a pension at the rate of $20 per month m lieu of that she is now reoei . · · » The namevd?€Qau1·a C. East, gependent mother of Melvin R. East, I"` C' E""‘ late fireman, second class, Uni States Navy, and pay her ·a pen- sion at the rateof $20 per month inliou of that she is now reoei . The name of Mar _ Fi d, widow of Stephen Fitzgerald, M“""°* “‘“°""’· late of Company ` ent, and Company A, Twenty- sixth Reg1ment,iUnited States- fantry, and pay her a pension at the rate of @0 ger month in lieu of that she is now receiving. rmm. The name of _ enry Philipps, late of the United States Navy, and H°“” P”°“"°*

 a pension at the rate of,$6 per_month. _ Penslonglnereased.

y name of Martha Jane Hague, widow of John R. Hague, late M‘""“‘ '“‘° H°‘“* of Captain James F. P. Johnston’s`Independent Company Florida Mounted Volunteers, and pay her a pension at the rate oi $20 per month in lieu of that she is now ~