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SIXTY HINTH GONGBESS Sues >I Cr:. 845 1926. 1741

 .c,. .   VH} gm ·€ JW ·

M•i!Q·V0lll¤§¢!8'»»ID1n¤¢I}$ ¤€Lpby·iharV-•>;l¢¤¤¤¤. ` Vatitheirate of$50

¤lQ¤?·h¤im •¢·¤h¤»is ni; » ·
 A-UB _ emdow ¤f,l_   M“’*·B""“·

.a member of Company K, i hteehth Regiment Illinois Yo unteer

 *rP§P$QB—:B·li}¢1l9`..PBt&;’0f+;$6(l   m

’ ’ .» ; ls, .w"V `·J—‘¥•li·¤».1 .Z_ Mw; 1 Mkeimm pz Shun- ,,‘i’·**¤·*· ¤¤·¤¤>··* bnxgvrs.-l%§•V of Ee ,¤rt7·oxgbth, Oligo.? Q ant;·y,,;and— pay hen §>1pm¤m;at* tbmmte efl$4=Q per month; iu, hou-ef thatshezs new 1`BOB1Vug- ,1E.¤r£_»»·;s ..1,21  »3·»· SW? x3' 2V: · , · , _: · ,z ,_ · ~’1‘h¤nam© 9fVL¢¤1r•·E·&Jwo9bs,Vwidovq oi ¢Way,land F. lambs, late ‘L"”*'·"'°°'”· of Company 12,; Regiment Mama Volunteer Infantry, and payber.apeus1onatth¤¤•be¤f$6Qp¤tmoxnthm1muofith•tabem new recexv . V _ . Thi! 'Harlin, widow of J01m»W, Hung, hu gf M¤yA.m¢u¤. Company K Firstnllegment Tennemoe VVolunteer.Meunte¤l Intantry,

11:41 payhex; a pension at the rate of $50»perm0nthVm‘11eu of that

eisnow receiving. VV l _ 2  » _ ’.l‘heVnam¤Voa(»EHzaBo les, widowof CbarlesVH; Bzyles, late wm. » ¤¤¤¤¤v¤¤· missery sergeant, Sexrergtgillegiment West Virginia V unteer Infan- 3-iy;andpayher_a_pens10natthemte,cf$50pe1·monthin·1ieu¤fthat e is now receivmg. V -. V . of Auma Ig Wilkinson, yvidonr of Harry G. Wilkinson, ·'¤·¤•·'·W”¤¤·¤¤~ 1·»¢¤V,¤f—0¤$·¤g,!<»;1i¤f¢¤¤¤¢¤V R·z¤¤¤¤¤re¤d.*0¤¤¤p·¤yV F, Beqlment, est nrgnmailzelunteer Infantry, andpayhera pension at t e rate of $50 per month in lieuof thstshe =T P•¤·: *¤¤·H Thi ¤l¤1cFo11(bretta ilobnsomwidow of Robert. Johnson, late of ` Cempeny:I§,S¤¤0nd;Reg¤ment ¤r•do:Vol¤¤te•i•V Cavalry, auyilpay henna pensinngatitbe rateot month iand $6 additional per gfonth on account of the soldier’s mmor child until it attainsstheiage h $lI$Q6l&_ '.]0U'Bm;i.€EE {7 1·· D. Vi i V r ·,,·>»;i< A hmhmimum z~;'1}»o o££NA¤¢yVVO. Mwumywidovaof John N¤¤¤v<>·M•¤=·r- of Cgmpa%fH,~Dne Unwired? Regiment-Ohio Voluntpnh antzgiuid p•y:·hei·»a atthe rate.¤£¤$40 iper

   hewof, _ 8]'K8l16¤k1IOW>l*|6éVlll§a· in  a i»z;;¢— ?e~—· ’.;` I" MaryH Grimn

-V·f12h•&name;o£ H. Gribkwidovwo <AllemA.·GriIin,ilate of ' ' Company B, Seven Regiment ansas Volunteer Cavalry and pay he _ th f,$50 month' lie fthe rm.; _ niet, emtib 0 aper ub t anew TQQBLVHQ.? ,`z;i~,:i} ·z~·-A- ~ if v‘;l·»;z;.r[V·§ e., — ·»`L,.;§ ¤a·Z z jg · >

 mmeioi N¤?1n.mMmVwem of cranes 1¤aa»,1m or ,_“‘°°’ “"’°°'·

Cowmy ,G,2Si1tteen ’/Regiment Kentuckyi VVoluntee1·?Infankry, and pay: em-aqgennionmb thn~rat•of¤$§0 Quentin in lieu Mithbt dxeéis IOWi¤¤1‘®8lY1I!.ga··}v;Z‘:¤·$ Zszfwé- ;}n=···2" ,¤.::j··V — ·'·· K i{~>Z- 2%-, ~- L; EumM Pambc ··;»'J3he n•me¤¤fVEHen»l(.¢I’einber, »vidcwiof.Jeseph S»VPember,¤late ‘ ‘ of Com any K, Twenty-fifth Re£1:nentiCe¤neetientVolmteer lnfan—

 y.he¤»a   ‘ `rate>of.$50¤;sea*émo¤1th·in 1ieu‘¤rr .
 " l I  · " » ·— — 1   ·· Mm

.. Th nnme¤of,·FannieV widow:o£ Daniel.C.;Lcuns- E' bury late of Fifth Battery Wisconsin Volunteer and pay: ‘r.a»peais1onVi e· ·. per. on ‘m· eu»o·V t· 18 V he ' ‘tth rate¤éf$50 in th' fthe mmyeqeivingeez me: » ‘ dw —»VV ; J—*¤ { . .; eazmm 13. mana,-»w1aew.¤¢V»wm;m,:J. mane, Em ”· ’?°“"*· late of Company G, One hundred and thirty—third legimente Ohio ’VFoluntee¤; h1idswVhenVa pension at thi ra.tec0fV$60ipe1· month imliuof shel ‘ new ‘;» ui .> r:-»·i.¤2·’ E M sl

  • l'Dh•»mi1e=nf¤Emdn:dM.·Sihx,_nviclnm of ehnuk Sim,¥late disOom· "”°° ' m'

any A, One hun and twentieth Regiment Il1in0is~Vul1mteer Enfnnlzy, u1d—pay· hdr»a·penH4$ant·tbe rate—ofi$50 permonth in lieu 0f»f¢Ha¢¤d1ejsi’i!1d1w·>¤00mVi¤g.?' ¤i= =‘¢ * ~ V¤ ‘ > °