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1758 JSIXTY-NINTH CONGRESS. . sue; IQ Cas; 893-4895.5 1926. of tbefkeasury l3~hl1tl10l‘iZ£»8D§i‘(lil'0(ltS(l.`$0 paygout ofianyimoney

 uotalcitherwisa-ap5>m¥’»€;ia}i;ed,t‘:1he sum of ?$27fi0 lt?

..o` re emu, ~-»— wowasl 0 V. e.c_ `auw at postsofiibe at Port Huron, §ichig{n,‘ as temp0rlu·y-liboreg in the custodian service of the Treasury Department, with compensation at the rate of annum, and whose appointment could not be a roved b the sai. Secretary of the Treasur _be¢;ause of a decisiorlpilif the" Comptroller General of the Unitejd 0 State s

 the employment and payment of compensation to persons

"°‘·**·°·°"’· _ yondy ofretirement who had not been certiiied for retention

 section ,6 pf the 4ct of May 22, ,1920, ‘¥An Act. for the

_retiremant,of emp oyees in the classified civil service, and for other . ; T1}P¤$m9*}m? nwed is-to sever www rs¤<1ered§§,v Mr. .£?¤l¤ms¤;m£si¥¢¢eta¤¤,¤¤m¤d fr¤¤¤,F¤brw·¤£ 16 to 26, 1_ · · In the case of e eath (either beforeor after teonaotmpnt of this Act) of Mr. Coleman, the amount stated shall be paid to hiswidow, or if no widow, then to his children, or if no éhildren, thenito his estate. _ . g%{,§;,,’;$,{,'_P,•;j°· Sino. 2. Tha; the Comptroller General gf thevilglnited fStt;tesAis auto' an darected,' notwi inte. "‘ ct of May 22, 1920, to credit the aceonmt of garey B1?Ferguson, collector of and disbursing agent for the Treasury Department, at Det1·o1t,·Mic gan, “with the amount. of $37.50, paid to Folkert ·C0le;nan,‘ 1ndseetior;_h1‘ hereog, Bro}; servicles rer;der§•§l5in the lposxiono rer urnng eperio eruary t0'1,‘1 ._ Approved,‘July 3, 1926. ’ S ` ` ” ` m{§£{·.°€é¤; 0 sea.-QA; Aa rer me relief et Natalie Summers. M- ¤·~········· U.‘E§,§i§"‘“”$a}m;ii’m¤mli’“·S ‘”“’ H°“1i,$£$"T'i‘°§“t$.*°”S,mn“ °'° T; · m mgm: aa a e ¤*R¤gm¤zd%g¤£m of the Treasury be, and he is, ereby, authoriaed and directed to

 Eg t0b_Nata1%1e gummers, of theibgitlv of Washingtogg District of

‘ um 1 ou 0 ' ` @0 Vdppto-'"` printed, Izllqsum 0f.$606.67, the amount paid b Natalie Summers as exiymqwhich sl1e’—was to a on ller bond as‘admin· ‘i at of ‘,her‘ husband, Summers, former] .,.,,,,_ ,._ A . V . . .7 i _ at Moscow, llussia, and who died at his post Gfduty. in fl _8',_f61‘l funds belonging to the `Umted States and

 _her’ possession as admimstratrix and for which she

1;¤#¤'»@¤¥7 ..`. m¢°d_’?°·.*h¤ U¤i*¤<i $¢¤*=¤¤° G¤v¢¤¤¤¤¤¤f~ —‘i‘

   j'j3»:,1§26·.l 4 l in V I V  

[P§§`ll&?',§§£;m1 1- .= doi For the relietof William va ‘ ' ·¥.¢¤-5,-#¤r_,_,¤¤. W] r`· ‘a¤T·<- . - ;,~ .‘ ` w¤¤···· ¤»·»·- iii&...%‘ "`““"’»,¢m%"* H°“‘a.m.»‘1°’é?g'”£Z‘€¥,’;*”s‘§c?£°tI’r“§ ¤.»5?s§.*?‘3·‘“·»·¤·’°“‘°“·¤f¤»T‘* es s? gishereby,. wthcrimé hind ¤iir¤¤¢¤<1"t¤:£·y» out 0f'any"mo1:;g`1n'1éhe 'I‘fr;1s111·y Iof the United not ot eng- ' ria an in sett er nt `a · e overimfen t'l11?s1ll1I1lpd¥%50 to TVilliam of Mglhawngga, Oklahoma, as reimz bursement for the loss of a farm truck which was loaned t0_the 0; Sanatonum in a {ire 0f»unknown`or1g1n thggg destroyed the barns atjihei Sl1&W11B8‘rS8.l1$`l?({1'l.l11I1 0n_Ju1y 13, %*P*?'°Y°‘l*, J"]? 3* ,19% `