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SIXTY·NIN'i'H CONGRESS. Stes. I. i_Cns. 215i-217.V 1926: 1465 ·¤y=·e¤`¤ie?¤?6`¥·'?$T¤?`i°i°’*°°`“i° ”°°°i°°`i’”i

  Senate and Hv•••~cf·Re entativee of the Gum B.

United States afA.snericai• 0o••gng•g1ee•u•bIe£'%"`liat.tbaY clauu of. c¤mp•¤y(umms;.°

 Ocean   (Limited), a °t1sh eorporataon,·,,$,§',"",,‘{‘§"1¤'°,;

owner of the United States for g¤;,¤;&m¤w°:m_ " dunqes ~al1eg•d.·to;hev•».been§·.can1sed.‘.by collision- between said steamship Alcinous and the United States A¤‘wmiS,.in or near the harbor of New York on December}, 1Q1,'@,»may be deter- mined in a suit to be brought by said claimant agamst the United States in the United States Distriet~Gourt for the Eastern District of New York, sitting as a court of admiralty and acting under the new verning sucnvsome in admiralty ms, me emma com ’°*‘·°*°°°=°*¤·¤*= sballdgfgve jurisigzctionfto tliair and detA;r1&i§;a said suit to ents; ' ent . _ , axuounto _damAge3an,costs,i

 fom     the United States to _ _e said Ocean

Steamship _by reason of said, collision, upon the same rmciples an under the same measures of lrability as 1n like cases gttween private and_with the same rightsof appeal: Mw Provided, That such notice o the suit shall be given to the Attorney N°e.,,,.;e,,,¤,m,,. General of the be provided by order of the "°’°°“°"L said court, and such notice {it shall be the duty, of the Attorney Geauga; todcgusea e6Jm;£t42ldSStates agorne; infsucliwdisrtirlict to alppear C mm t of e ni tates: ‘ A. rt , at ‘t mr? °°°'“°“ g§a1lAgeulieg¢1<ii· within four months df the date of the Eppsxgvalsxhlf t t is ct. Approved, May 1, 1926., CB'AP.`218.——An Act Authorizinfthe President to issue an appropriate com- mission and honorable discharge oseph B. Maceabe. U U [Private, No. zz.} ' Beit enacted 'by the »S'emte’omZHouee ofiRep1·eeenta¢i»vee the United of America £n_0ong1·qce assembled,. That the Pregdent $ B, mmm be, and he is lierelxixlnutlrorized teissue. an a pro riate c0mmissicn_$‘°“b°$$;“*“'& and honcniable disc getg Jgisepli 1ého’ per:forme¢L.t&be‘ •=1¤s•- serviceso aoommimione o cero e ni, _m May_ 1, 2},8, to Novembher 1:2% under the promise of such corgi mission m l°0 rau on u comm' ’onw t' by reason of Iimfgoidable dgay, the signing olgskhe aaignilsticislthe cessation of hostilities and orders issued in consequence thereof. Approved, May. ly 1926. -. 1 l _° ` . ...............,.;' c¤u·.·e17,ea¤ ici rm tbereliefiof rm Yettsrsent - { [mM§°i%§—$°°m °BcitencctélZbitbeSenht' "H0zao·1?epreeen%i ce"tl¤e A, N United Stctee`cf`ginerica`£*n _aee%Zed, '1'hit thé'Sec%tary· g%§¤?i$?°°‘ of be, anduhslis hereby,';iY1(;;hotr%lzed and di1·e%8t;(pag; ou c an mon m _’I'reasu‘ "o erwise’ ro s Tena wiylovg *o;°·Niles of $375 the of‘certam,tunber,cu*t upoifthe southwest quarter northeast quarmy northwest iixrter southeast Vquarter, northeast

 s>nth*yvbst‘qnaijte1·, and f8 section 18, u>y•¤s1;1p= 159 north,

range 28 §;;lnc1pal meridian, Minnesota,‘l£omes1madlen;.•r5 Oanfhake _ _‘¥w was#(pa1d·‘1nti>,tha‘T1easury’i$f the U ’ 4

 or $b0l1l$°'#�§;I8¢ ,;1912*Ee,` 5 final pioof upenthe

Homestead entryoif sa', laxidtol sai ·Tena'Petterseni now_ ’ Approved, May If`l926. ` ‘ '