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SIXTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sass. II. Cas. 486, 487, 517, 518. 1927. 1845 contracts made between the respective owners of such improvements and the United States, as follows: V Allen Oil Company, $1,000; Minnie Adolf, $400; William Bartel, C““'“°“*° ‘*°S‘°"°"°‘* $520; Boise Payette Lumber Compang, $550; Evans Mercantile Company, $9,500; Bert Hager, $150; Jo n F. Kesanke (guardian of Harold J. Kosanke, a minoa), $150; J. A. McCool, $125; J. P. Meh1haif,,$300; Power City arage, $2,850; and the Power County Fair Association, $2,400; ‘ ` Approved, March 3, 1927. CHAP; 487.—Joint Resolution To authorize the President to pay to sur- geons employed on the Ala.ska"Railroad such sums as may be due them under [Priv. Res., No.6.] agreement with the Alaskan Engineering Commission or the Alaska Railroad. ~ Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives o the United States of America in Oongress assembled That the Presidentis is- hereby authorized to cause to be aidfrom hospital receipts or other §m'§,?2_ d“°- ‘}”°°' funds or the Alaska Railroad tliie amounts heretofore or hereafter accruing to surgeons of the railroad under any agreements relating to fees collecte in cases not entitled toifree treatment imder the hospital regulations of the railroad. . Approved, March 3, 1927. x CHAP. 517.-An Act Conferring ’urisdi0·tion' upon the Court of Claims to Mlgiligéiiln hear and determine the claim of Mrs. l·’atriclr H; Bodkin. , _ lP¤’lv¤*¤· N0- lm-] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in. Uongress assembled, That withinsix k,},‘”·P°“l°kH·B°d· months from the date of the passage of this Act a gitition ma Claim ¤r.1¤r nim- be filed with the Court of Claims by or on behalf of rs. Patrick i°;`Z,{,°°;{'Z§°($“’;,,'Y’;.{g°Y'°°°° H. Bodkin of Blythe, Riverside County, California, for a hearixgg of a claim for reimbursement for the value of the following describ land, exclusivedof improvements, as of February 28,,19 1, to wit, that certain quarter section of land described as northeast quarter section 11,_township 7 south, range 22 east, San Bernardino meridian, in the State ,of Ca ifornia, for which land her husband, Patrickbl-I. Bodkin, deceased, had been issued a patent, and which she new holds_as trustee for William B. Edwards"in accordance; withjtlie decision of the United States Supreme Court in the case of Bodkin against Edwards (Two hundred and fifty-fifth ,United_States,‘page 221), and the Court of Claims isgiven jurisdiction to hear and PWM determine such claim: Provided, That in considering the casef the neauciam to be Court of Claims shall determinethe value of the land in uesti`on '““"°· at the date of judgment by the court adverse to` Patrick H. Bodkin; also determine the value of the soldier’s additional script and deduct the latter from any awards made to the claimant. ” Approved, March 4, 1927. ‘ CHAP. 518.-An Act Authorizing the Secretary of the Interior ca issue Eight to the County of Del. Norte, State of_California, to Whaler Island in cent City Bay, Del Norte County, Cahfornia, for purposes of a public wharf. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of Amemba in Uongress assembled, That the Secretary CQg¤¤¢v<>fD¤1N<7r$¤. of the Interior is hereby authorized to issue patent to the County `ivsiiisier xmas of Del Norte, State of California, to Whaler Island, containing §,T§“,,,'fd ‘°· '°' *’“"“° about three acres, in Crescent City Bay, Del Norte County, California, for purposes of a public wharf.