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1932 SIXTY~NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cn. 525. 1927. ¤•*l“•°· WW- The name of Sallie C. Wade, widow of Andrew M. Wade late cf Com any H, Fourth Regiment West Virginia Volunteer Cavalry, ang Company C, Sixth Regilment Wistsgfirginia Vogmteeir Infgntilry, ' n a era ensionatterateo 0 rmont inieuo tat 1>¤¤¤¤¤¤. She ig rim recegving. p ~ Pe · 1 sm E‘°I°'°" The name of Sarah E. Clark, widow of William S. Clark, late of Company K, Third Regiment New Jersey Vohmteer Infantry, and pay her a ension at the rate of $301per month. Mm M·D°'°¢*°°· The name of) Mary M. Douglas, helpless and dependent daughter of Granville A. Douéas, late of Company] K, Tent Regiment est Virginia Volunteer nfantry, and pay er a pension at the rate gwminm of $20 per month. p °°h°°°° ' fT_he name gf ggtherine glulaens, widpiw of lI;h%m1Mullen§;1gate 0 oom an irty-nint giment entuc 0 unteer an- try, and) p% her a pension at the rate of $50 per month in lieu of rmam. that she is now receivin . ““““°* °"“‘· The name of Samuel glraig, helpless and dependent son of George G. Craig, lpte of Compgny KilF1fty-third Regiment Penpsgggama ’ Volunteer n antry, an pay im a pension at the rate o per mam. month. ` §‘6§‘§‘ig‘?}r¤“"°· The name of Martha Tharp, widow of Jacob W. Tharp, late of Company A, Fourteenth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Cavalry, and pay er a pension at the rate of $59 per month in lieu of that she ggggllggé Lmdsm 1S now receivmg. _ _ mmm:. The name of Caroline Laudenschlager, widow of John La.uden· schlager, also written Landenschlager, late of Company A, Fifth Re iment Minnesota Volunteer In antry, and pay her a pension g<g,g¤S¤,¤**d,,,h· at as rate of $30 per_ month. _ _ _ _ _ The name of Cecilia Schilling, widow of Louis Schilling; late of Company I, Independent Battery Minnesota Volunteer L1g t Artil- lery, an pay her a pens1on at t e rate of $50 per month 1n l1eu of swam. that she is now receiving. P°"°'°"° *·H“""°" Thefnégne of Pgelrcipe A. Igptrlyog; widow beep`}; Harvialy, late o mpan enty- giment inois 0 unteer - 1,mmm¤_“d_ failitgy, and pay%er a ggenlsgoréat the rats of $3£0]peir mgnth. I f Lamm n.s1m¤¤s. e name 0 ucre 1a . imons, wi ow e e os imons, ate 0 Com an `H First Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Caval and pay her};. pehsion at the rate of $50 per month in lieu of tlgsit she Pm,,,¤_ IS now receiving. Swphm arm. The name 0 Stephen E. Pate, helpless and dependent son of Samuel T. Pate, late of Company G, Eighth Re“g1ment’Kentueky Volunteer Cavalry, and Compapy A, One hundr _ and forty-third Regiment Indiana Volunteer I antry, and pay him a pension at .l$£'1ii¤°Z$`mw¤°. ' th?I"1h?i1l1.,;1220)fPl:§l·rt?i)x;1;hl3mwn, widow of John S. Brown late of Com any H, Eighth Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry, and pay her a pension at the rate of $50 per month in lieu of that she is _ now 1‘GO61V1l1g. _ i1°:¢d§°¥. name. The name of Mary E. Roberts, widow of Isom Roberts, late of Company C, Third Re ' ent, and Company -L, Sixth Regiment, Missouri State Militia V-dllunteer Cavalry, and pay her a pension ¥¤°*`··’·'&“·i?¤°?·*’€’°°‘ °t·iii° mw °f §3l�Pl·1tlin01Igll" 21 1 Will' A Axr 1 t · enameo a a XIDBWIOWO iam . m ae of Company K, One hundrell and fifty-ninth Regiment 0,0hio Volunteer Infant ,`and ay her a nsion at the rate of $50 r month in lieu of gat she is now receidinc pc L¤¤*¤¤ M- NN The name of Lucretia M. Delong, widow of William Delong, late of Comlgany F, One hundred and twenty-second Regiment Ohio Volnmteer _ fantry, and pay he1 a pension at the rate of $50 per month in lieu of that she 1S now receiving. ·