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1944 SIXTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sus. II. Cu. 525. 1927. M*'¤*·!°¢**'· . The name of.Mary A._Hughes, widow of Patrick Hughes, late of

 B, Ninth  Connecticut Volunteerlnfantry, and

pay' 0l*.!.POI1Sl¢Hl.-8llZl7ll8 rate of $40 per month in lieu-of that she is now receiving. ._ ~- · ’““‘ I·K·"D“"°'“‘· . of.Julia H. Dilworth fwidovf of James A. Dilworth, lain of·Company F, F1fth:BegunentConnectieut·Vdunteer Infantry,

 payeher a pension     of $50<per.month·in lieu. of that she

_» w ow, ,’~-`L nj z . ¤,<; , A - . R¤’¤•¤¤¤ ’·°°*$*°°¤· f· The name of> V élidlenghtou, w1llo¤¤of»Tl1qnas H.*D8l%hi0D, ‘,,..."°.?* i’£°£§‘8‘“‘*'°" l‘€;."‘i%f.?z..‘““.£:’ °’ “ A. ont · ;o= _ at is.—now mmm.: irwaiving,.;.,_ · T`? ' Qc e.»., · ’- 4 E “‘” v' “‘“'°u‘ The nameof M•:§*V. Maxwell, widow] of ‘William l!`u·~Max¤el1, late. ·Company—.·; · 9-Seventy-first Regiment * Illinois Volunteer ,,,,.,,.;,,,.....1, an ,an a era ensionatterateo Qperm ‘ ~ pq Inf d J h gi ` h f $3 onth. V**¤°*• -“°“•*°'· · irginia cMa$u+, widow of Robert McMaster, late of Company H, Eleventh. ·Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, and pay her a atitherate or $60/spermonth in lieu of that she is §°m•%’“•·’· °°·iiui¤.meg.§1 nuz.t¤a..1m` fwidow er Washin€ton.C.!Nee1, late ·¥£f°°‘“"““’i H’ ii?""`,......°°°°""f ¥€%‘{..‘T°°?. Ezay "'“‘ Yf."“"‘°°’ f me an avera on er permon. mm D-¤°°°”'”· . _ The {game oflglora D. Hutchins, widow of Or1ando.D.·Hutchins, late of Companyr!K,. Second Regiment Maine Volunteer Cavalry, hmm ¤¤.¤¤•e.· and. "yher afenaion at the rate of $30 per month; ‘ ~. n N**¥’·°°"°· name o Mary E. Dowd iwidow of Lorenzo J. Dowd, late of CompanyvG, Twenty·seventh Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, ,;nd_pay her a_pension at the rate of $50 per month in lieu of that eisnowreceuuig. `· . ` . J , L°” W- ’·°"'°“'°· The name—of'Lug·W. Lawrence, widow of·Jackson H. Lawrence, slate of Comgany ,. Fourth`Regiment New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, an pay- her a pensionat the rate of $50 per month in lieu meson. ofthatsheisnowreceivingil ~ ~. ”°'“‘°"·*”°”·· . .. The nam en Bertha 1*.+ en widow of Edwm Allen, late of Com- " YD 'l$h.ird» B8gl.méIl£.*M’lC’~l1ig8ll.sV0ll1lM1®1' Infantry, and 1’•¤¤¤¤¤i¤¤··¤•d· era 'on at rate" : permon .’» , . . ; Kmy pe¤m’ me ee seo ai my E"m”'D"”' The name of Emil J. Davis, widow of Eliphalet G. Davis, late of Compan First gegiment New York Volunteer 'Light Artillery, ·:,_hnd;pay{l1er epmsaeu at the of $50 per month in lieu of that . eisnowvrecexvingp ·`.s, . mi. ·. . mm, ml"' The name of Jenny Riley, widow oféPhil' Riley, United States

‘ Navy and pay¥her·a2pét1sio¤at=.the rate of S?) per month in lieu of

thatsiheisnowreceiyxng. - .»’ · .  ; . ‘ "°"‘·D*°“°" — The of Lois¤eE.¤Dickey Vwwidow .of¤S0tis -A. Dickey, late of Company A, Fourth Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry, and pay _ ·lxer g. at the rate of $50 per month ‘in lieu of that she is now M¤¤¤i¤W••'••’· ·~€The Minnie—Weaver, widow~?of aeob D. Weaver, late of ` V Company) E, F1fteenth_Ret§ment Vqest Virginia Volunteer Infantry, P,,,{3,,,,,,,,;,,,d_. and-pay BPIQGMIOII at rateof·$3»0/per month. —.».,.;¤ » . I L¤¤¥Heumw•yI·••·‘ The-namem Lucy Hathawayllee, widvwjlf Jesse. Lee, late a ma]or..general, Umted Arm¥;nd= pay her. a pension at y,,,,,,,,,_ the rate of $50 §f month .1n.·l1eu.ef that asznow - lu•¤H• f_ l‘C Ha' "d iAHt$: late_f

 · leo a. .. ynes,mowo   . a ea o

. Battery C, Third Independent Battery _ lisetts Artil- le and pay her a pension at the rate of $30 per month. * » ,,,’{"""‘ ""‘° H"' l'¥he name of Margaret Jane Harless, widow of Augustus Harlem, tec mpany. ,v y·‘ gunent iop ounteer la`if"Co ' O' V1 · Infantry, and pay her a_ pension at the rate of $80 per month