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1982 CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS OF CONGRESS. ·*°§“°°*',,,,,°°¤"°• °' Senate be and is hereb empowered to procure the rinting of ten geeigid gum. tod"` thousand hdditional cogies of the hearings held befgre its subcom- mittee during the Sixty-ninth Congress, first session, on bills and resolutions relating to a modification of the National Prohibition law? aaldn of this numgerbghe committee slliall eanése to bgdellilveged tg te o ` roomso ngress ninetousan one un e an seventgglivg copies, of which two thousand five hundred copies shall for the use of the Senate and six thousand six hundred and seventy-five copies shall be for the use of the House of Representatives. Passed, May 17, 1926. [S ggzyggxagsg H uuscnn suosrs oommrrrm:. Resolved b the Senate (the House of Re eeentatzivea com··wM·ing), migwuiib nw O°m` That the Jd/int Committee on Muscle Shroals created by House ,,,'“"“°'“’ “‘°°°° Concurrent Resolution 4 of the Sixty-ninth Congress hereby is Am. p. wrr. authorized in furtherance of the purposes of said resolution to sum- mon engineers, experts, and other witnesses to testify under oath; to emp oy such c erical and exgert assistants as may be deemed necessary, to employ a stenograp er at a cost not exceeding 25 cents r hundred words to report such hearings and _proceedinEgs as may KZ held in connection herewith, the recommendations and ndings of the Joint Committee to be submitted in conformity with the pro- visions of House Concurrent Resolution 4. The ex enses incurred l"°°"" hereunder not exceeding $5,000 to be paid one-halfp from the con- tingent fnmd of the Senate, and one-ha f from the contingent fund of the House of Representatives. Passed, May 20, 1926. M_",',,,,_ nmnom, uoNoNoAnm.a mvmz.

mm. Mmmm lfteatgwveg by she %ouee of Refresentativee (itlhelgemzte zogguwing), ,,,,, ,,,,,,;_ ' T at e resi ent e requeste to return to t e ouseo resent- wmm '°*°“¤¤ atives the bill (H. R. 8513) entitled "An Act to extend the dime for hm, p.081. the construction of a bridge across the Monongahela River at or near the borough of Wilson in the county of Allegheny, Pennsylvania "; that upon the return of said bill to the House of Representatives the action of the (Speaker and_of the Vice President in signing said bill be rescmd , and that m the reenrollment of said bill the Beenrollmeut ai- word " thereof " in the last line of Section 1 of the enrolled billbe '°°°°'·*· stricken out, and the word " hereof " be inserted in lieu thereof. Passed, May 25, 1926. 1umR4,n¤¤t:. I anursrrcn Aunrvnnssmr. [B. Cen. es., o. 18. A,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,0,. Whereas the 11th of November, 1918, marked the cessation of the =¤g’rhmb,°_ most destruct1ve, sangumary, and far-reaching war in human annals and the resumption by the people of the Umted States of

 relatiolns wg other nations, which we hope may never

in severe ; an Wlhgareas it is fitting that the recurring anniversary of this date should be commemorated with thanksgiving and prayer and exercises designed to perpetuate peace through good will and mutual understanding between nations; and