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2018 CX}NVENTION—NETHERLANDS. Auensw 21 Q ` 19244 Nethebigands; and. th¢2.?_tiiicati1>°ns Nederlauden de A ¤_ ¤¤!¤¤z ¤ ¤<>¤··1>¤ ·¤¤¤z¤1¤; ~*¤ as soon= . m . · · » · ~ ’,:— Washington werden uitgewnsssldr ¤¤¤¤¤¤· ;.In_;witness _whe1·eof,·;;the re- ~ Ter oorkoudewaarvan de we- ` sp•qt1ve· Plempotentiaries have- denziidsohe gevolmaoh l A dit signed the present Convention in verdrg in dubbelin de elsche duplicatenme the and enlN alandsche talenégeteekend

 langlmzges and have there- in   hunne seg gehecht

u. - mr _ · . . . ‘ . _ . ;t I Done·at the city of Wasb1ngto’ n Gedaan in d tad Washington this twenty-first-day of August, den 21-Augugtiis van het jaar in·Fthe earl of--our. Lord one onzes Heeren 1924. .— thousaug nine hundred and A · — twenty- our. . Q · A C11Am.ns— ·EvANs Hnemcs [SEAL] ` ., nn Giunrr [sur.] °,§}“,§}°""l“’ °" AND WHEREAS ’the said Qonvention habeas duly ratified on both paris, ath]; the 1%&%0Sl}10DS of th; tggh t(i1}og;>m1}1eA1t;s11 were anger ‘m, o`t o[ashmgto" none e" 0 `,one A - A _ ‘_e`it' own a, vin A o` e We Shed rt., ..5 .5;,.,, President of. the nitedfStates of America haye caused me said Convention,. to he made puhhc, to the end that wma and every article and clause thereof _may be olgservedand f. d Wllih good faith hftiiéhe United States and the thereof. A; IN,1 Ihave hereunto set myhand and causedthe seal ` e _States_to _be aiiixed. _ _ DONE at t1l8·G1l·]' of Washington, eighth dairgf April, m the hg , _ iyear of our Lord, one thousand nme hun and twenty- [anu.] ve, and of the Independence of the Umted States of _4All16!:lO& the one hundred and forty-ninth. B h S CALVIN Coo1.n>o1¤

 y t e, _' ent:

FRANK B Knnwoo Secretary of State. h°b"°°‘ N°t·` [EXCHANGE or Nous] hm N No 2330 [The Netherlonds Minister to the Secretary of »$tate]` m“"°"‘ • V S l - .LioA·r1ou nts PAil·BAS,‘

 Washinqzmq, D. 0,, Augusta, 1984.
§§..€¥t‘;."°.$*€i§.'i. "‘....g,»"‘ S *%’t‘2%‘.%.§?."
.¥. 2%: &?.‘$'.,..°“*...*"°2J’?.§‘“‘°‘°.........,.i‘

the laws in force in t _Unit¤;l States on the aulglavt of alcoholic beverages and in %}’“0.‘$“°§§€§§¥'€£?”&%"1f9¤’€t%’e’r$.‘£.?§§€°¤£§,at..» A ’°‘&E"&$.{"£l'.2 2'$%.}2°’$?‘ts.‘2 $°“i-.....’°g ‘°’...°*‘%’e—é’$‘.?¥f*?...*°.;2*l@*:;$?é.°‘h}l’.‘°b°.$.”‘*...l.d‘“· ‘°”‘2"·l~“;L“H"“‘°” L , OD - D ,

Ctihe Unéted Stzgs: wi11_notdbe averse}: consideriihg a rgtdg-

ca ·e . e sven 1on o . . agreem that cllaims asfrnentioned _in Article '§?]§§ha€_E}•h1:1:r;ntion, whiz; sdttledin the way as indicated in the iirst·`para¥aph of that article, shall be Permanent Court of International ustice instead of the Perma-‘ nent Court of Arbitration. ; , ( · I shell be sled tqbsve you conirm this understanding on behalf, of your Government. _ _ _ , ’ ~ Accept, Sir, the renewed assurances of my highest consideration. A _

~   A— l * ·»nnGnAnrr

“°“%“”L?..°“$“§1'& E¢»»’I¥.‘§.°...,t.,““· up C A D _,lv6¢T7`U0 G, v>_‘,.. ·-