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2104 BOUNDARY TBEATY-—GKEAT¥BBITAI1*I—-=0A.NAD.&.¥ Fin;·24»,i18B’5; ` eided f0I'·tlI6*I%l0£10llA ‘•¤a*m ”r?of=1ost or»dsmaged‘ ‘ monu- iI::¤ts and>for the establishment.-ofaalilfditional monuments and bound- ary mark courses ofthe international=boundary‘°between the:Umt•d · _ ·antl·¢the¤=Dominion·~o! from t unorth- westsmmostxpemt of Woods south to the»49th rallel

 anadthenee   alongsaid  of Falzitude

tothe eurnmit of~jieeBoekysrHmmt¤:L1;si asesta ’ r under exist- mgetreatieaand surve , charted; mouumented bythe Joint

 thatpurpose by joint action of the

Contracting:Partiasinl1872;; g¤ +· · ~ ,,,Y,‘}',,‘?;{°";”,,,"‘?,},;% ·VI‘of>the said Treatyconcludedz on Agril ¤·•¤¤· 11; 1 ¥fm·ther»provides thatin carrying out theprovisions of t at Vol.85,p.IJ11. . . » . , . £e..s°"’ J¤$‘.€'“ee.¤‘““m.'i.8t¤.i’“°°‘, .i‘“.e.¤“"&’°i8‘%£ th°ss¤¤m15i».m°°tsse»wmge(:1€ ” · ` A 1, s ° bywhieh protocol it was agreed in the intervalsbetweeu the monumentstalong the·4;9th parallel ofnorth latitude the bonmdary I··=···»·····»· ,·-···» "“X.."3° ‘i'°“"e."2"é.§" '“ "°“'”°‘f°‘ "°°t“?2".i" "i““.e.d°.§g‘ t at he mm, frwezeaé umrmssioners ' an ' un rt

  • ¤¢*Y· Wm provisions of Article VI of the of 1908 have marked

the lim wherever neeeeszain the intervals the orrgmalgnonumentd established by »sa1d‘Jomt Gomnnseiep, tg mted in 1872 m accordance with the agreement stated lh Rotocototthe dated May 29, 1876 of the Joint Com-

 and as sat forth in   ofthe Treaty of

196§,=by monuments oneiinesjoining the ori§i-

 have in each case the cmyature o ia-para] el

0 Q;·_ngg_·th·’ °t“dg` _ ` · . new __ ,,,%{ §"“,‘:,,,‘;,' ~s tvhexeas thejaverage adjacentilx:ion;1melnt,t;; HM ¤¢*•¤¤ ¤¤¤¤· astlms‘eatabli¢hed‘ ‘ or l®8l3|bllBlI8d.· jong e49th ara ono °°°°°'°°°°°‘ latitude of the to the of t}.i1e{Rocl:Iyg[oun- §*.‘&‘.??;’;*..*3;i;*£“°“°" ...tee¤‘.§1‘.‘2L€.h"1$.';§‘3r&?’tA'Q‘ 3§$i".2e¤·¤E’r§§ G¢l*9$’0f'¢l10—“¢lI parallel froma |iI.'I»lgllt’01" ' t lineijbining adja- (!6!lt_l£@1IQDt8_lSQ for average distan<:§?etween·monuments, only one-third ofa foot; and in nocase idoesthe actual deviation exceed one and eight·tenths feet; _ d,g*,$,‘§',,;;,"‘}'?£ · And it rs impr•eticable,to*determine courseof a line havingthe of a parallel of 49f· north latitude on thlesground between the ¤d]aeent·_monn1r•ents·-whiche have been estab ed or reedablnehed by the Commissioners and the demarcation- of the l)0H!1dlI""V’W0I.l(l’b0ilD()l‘0 thoronghlylellective if the line between adiace¤t~—mo¤uments‘be defined as Aa stni€t·or right line;» · ¤ig&°im?nt°in°3“¥¢ J And·wbere•edt is desirable·that=tlxet unda1·y_at‘any Qpoint be- °'¤'°°mkm’*¤••` md]; ‘•‘ tween adiaeent,monu1nente1may be conveniently aeeertamable on ' the ground the Contracting Parties, in order to complete and ren-

efective the demarcation of the boundary- between

the UnitedStates the D0¤11hl0H»_0f·ClDtdl¥‘£¥0m the north- weeternmost pointof Bahvof the Woods to»thesummit—of the Becky

 the liner heretofore!  to as the

international boundary between the UnitedStates a.nd_the Dominion of=Canada‘fmmfthe northwestemmostginitzofihhe ofthe Woods

  of tg: Rocky   beidgiinedtas consisting

oaee »" ·0rstra` `nu oming° v acenmonumeu as or as now laid down oneharts by the Commissioners acting under Article VI of the Treat? of 1908, in lieu of the definition set forth in the agreement 0 the aforesaid Joint Commiss1oners, dated May 29p 1876, and quoted in Article V’I`cf the sand Treaty of 1908, that in the intervals between the monuments the lme has the curvature of the parallel of $9°— north latitude. i i ‘ “ ‘ ‘ ‘