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2186 . CONVENTION-GREAT BRITAIN-PAIAESTINE. Dnonimmn`3, 1924. mmum-cmd. - QFAEHCLI 7 .‘ "?The Administration of Palestine shall 1 be rgséponsible for enacting a nationality law. .There shall be includ in this law provisions framedso- as to facilitate the acquisition of Palestinian citizenship by Jewswho takeup their permanent reddence in Palestine. - P ' . . ..:9The privileges andvimmunities .of.foreigners,.inoluding the benefits of consular jurisdiction and protection as formerly enjoggd by Capitulation or usagein. the Ottoman Empire, shal not applicab e in Palestine. “Unless=»the Powers whose nationals enjoyed the aforemen- tioned privileges fandimmunities on the 1st- August, 1914, shall have previous y renounced the right to their re·establishment, or shall have agreed to their non-application for a specified period, these rivileges and immunities shall, at the expiration ofthe mandage, be 1mmediately»·re-established in their entirety ~ or with such modifications as may have been agreed uponbetween the Powers concerned; · 7 A . - · -1 — ‘ · V ` —“Am·1c1m‘9. "'1'he Mandatory shall be rewonsible for seeing that the judi- cial system established in Palestine shall assure to foreigners, as we as to natives, a complete guarantee of their rights. “Respect for the personal status of,the various pmlm and ` communities and for their religious interests shall be ' y {guar- anteed. In_particular, the control and administration of akfs shall be exercised in accordance with religious law and the dispo- sitions of the founders. s “ ‘ ‘ '“.AR'1‘ICLE 10. "PendinF° the makin of S `al extradition ’agreements relat- ' to`. Pa estine, ,the`¢§xti·ad1'Il:;9:>:i1 treaties in force _between the Mindatory. andothertzforeign Powers shall apply to Palestine. " _ “.AR’I‘ICIQE 11.* “ The Administration of Palestine shall take all- necessa*ry`meas- cures to safeguard, the interests ofthe community/·in,·cennection withg thedevelopment of-the country; and, subject to any intel-- national obligations by the Mandatory, shall have full power to provide for pu lic 0wnersh?>‘ orcontrol of any of the natural resources of the country or .0, the public works, services and utilities established or‘t0 be established therein. It shall introduce a land systemapproplriate to the needs of the country, having regard, among _ot er t ing, to the desirability of pro- motilng the close settlementandin ` nsivef cultivation o the land. " e Administration may arrange with the Jewish agencg mentioned in article 4 to construct pr operate, upon fair an equitable terms, any public works, and utilities, and to develop any of the natural resources of the cpimtry in so far as these matters are not undertaken by tlie¤Adininistration. Any such arrangements sh provide that no projitsfdistributed by such agency, directly or indirectly, shall exceed {reasonable rate of interest on the caépital, and any further profits shall be utilised by it for the bene t of the country in a manner approved by the A ' 'stration. ` P ‘