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UNIVERSAL POSTAL. UNION——AUoUs·r 28, 1924. 2297 en caraeteres _ ` latina; le lieu acters as far as possible, the place d’or;i;ine et la date du depot a laj of origin and the date ofmanling.

 les         having several

·· usneurs ll1'68`lIX‘ poste, o ces, canceling stamps le; tlimbres dbblitération doivent‘ giist indicate which is e oilioe indiquer quel est le de of mailing. .*2.·—·;Teus '-les>_ timbres=poste 22.IAll. valid `, mage stgm cmmm va1ables»¤loivent'étre oblitériss Y must be canoeleef · “ p · Ps, » · Les tinxbreseposte nom oblitéréb The stampswhioh have ger suite d’erreu.r ou dlomissieng not beenaoanceled through error axisile—serw*i·ee·d’origine‘deive¤te- or omimion `0!I‘*£B·4P8.1’b of the l?etre lg bureau qui constate= bs can- 'irrégul, ‘ ‘ " e` " ~w` tects -3.+-Les oorrespondances mal 3»M1sdireeted correspondence Mmimmmm. dirigées ~ -doivem,—·€etre frapgées must be ~p¤¤¤mu·1¤eds»v1¤u»th¤. de eempreinte du timbre=ai ate 1mpression of the date stamp. of du bureau auquel ellgssonti) wouziiice at wlliilchs itblarnves enu ar ur. tt o a- error. o ig tion lion §Gl;lIl§;rI(l0I1 seulhniient aux is incumbent not only upon:. the bureaux sédentaires, mais aussi fixed post_oflices, but also upon aux buréeaux anggulants, dans la the traiieihng post oiiices, as ·far m rupoasie. asposse. »·=· ¤j—» iiuelbe _ timbrage des cor- 4. The stampinglpf correspond- smpnemn. respondances ilégoséee sur ·les cnce.on veseelsei erin movable cutters soit ans .1es~boit,es< boxes or elseplaoed in the hands l1l1a<il>iIes,—soit‘entre_les mainsldes of the postal agents on board or. agentsdes postes¤embarquésfou· the comma¤dants,.is incumbent,. des commandants ineombé, dame in the cues gigovided for by les cas prévus*par—le()li)arag·raphe Section;-3 of icle 42_ of the *""’·¤·”"· I; cle Particlg 42 deltaés e nventioné C0I1';0I1tl0%0 agipon tilpaihpostal ‘ ent~ ‘ u agen on por- ereis ou,‘;5·n}y;s1iisa gzgpau busaude upon! the epcistggiiiee to te A ‘ we suc correspo enceais P0§t‘cl.i:1‘§as handled over.w ·In·such aT »case,· zglléalit `·§eelui·ci ‘les=fra A de the latter oiiice postmarks the son ti1nbi·e’a‘date¤_ordinali£?l§et correspondences with the Verdi; appose ldimentioril-"*Paqn;ebot is nary date stamp and adds the so1t=N laj main, soit ·au·—1hoyen note. *‘_Paquehot":· i (ateamship), d’un timbre; » _· '·;’» i —= »*a»==· either by hander by meansro a ’ 5.-—·JLés' rrespdndam _ "'° idri- ·5._ Cortes nden ugh ` ting Mau cm mmm ' airea de? ays’f rs h i11<o0u¤tri0sP:utsid¢;>$’of°thn<U11ion "‘° U"*°g gllllniorr sont Jia péesitair reeto, are postmarkedwni ther frontiby

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4’un timbre mdi uant·1e‘peiutet received them with ga stamp loiglaté d*ent1*ée&n§le servieede thtzpoint and iam; ce* _‘)=en· m · e ceo

 ‘ `ABTICLE`37. i A   37.2.

iEnlv0·is _ S ddivery arteblee. l.-4-Les envoish remettre ger 1. Articles to be specially de- SP°‘”°* d°“'°'¥· expréssontpourvus ‘d’iine¤ ti- livered are vprovided with ·a ?11ette imprimée detcouleur rouge label of deep red color oncé portant en gms caracteres caring in large characters the