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1455 OCEAN AND LAK E SURVEYS , BUREAU OF NAVI GATION For hydrographic surveys, including the pay of the necessary veOO can and l alre sur- hydrographic surveyors, cartographic draftsmen, and recorders, and for the purchase of nautical books, charts, and sailing directions, $85,800. NAVAL TRAINING STATIONS, BUREAU OF NAVIGATION

Training stations . Fo r main tenanc e, inc luding labor and m aterial , heat , ligh t, wat er, Main tenanc e, etc . general care, repairs, and improvements ; schoolbooks ; and all other incidental expenses for the naval training stations that follow

San Die go, Ca liforn ia, $1 80,000 ;

California . Newport, Rhode Island, $235,000 ;

Rhode Island . Great Lakes, Illinois, $279,000 ;

minis . Hampt on Ro ads, Virg inia, $230 ,000 ;

Virginia. Provided, That the amount to be paid out of each of the foregoing Clerical, etc ., service. sums under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy for clerical, drafting, inspection, and messenger service for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1930, shall not exceed S12,600, except for Great Lakes and Newpo rt, wh ich sh all no t exce ed $13 ,750 an d $14, 000, r espect ively . NAVAL RESERVE Naval Reserve . For expenses of organizing, administering, and recruiting the organizin g, recruit- ing, etc., expenses. Naval Reserve and Naval Militia ; pay and allowances of officers and Pay, etc., on active enlisted men of the Naval Reserve when employed on authorized duty' training duty ; mileage for officers while traveling under orders to and from trai ning duty ; tr anspor tation of en listed men t o and f rom training duty, and subsistence and transfers en route, or cash in lieu thereof ; subsistence of enlisted men during the actual period of training duty ; subsistence of officers and enlisted men of the Fleet Fleet Naval Reserve, train ing

subsistence. Nava l Re serve whil e pe rform ing a uthor ized trai ning or o ther duty without pay ; pay, mileag e, and allow ances of off icers o f the Naval Pa y, etc° Reserve and pay, allowances, and subsistence of enlisted men of the Nava l Re serve when ord ered to ac tive duty in c onnec tion with the instruction, training, and drilling of the Naval Reserve ; pay of officers and enlisted men of the Fleet Naval Reserve for the per- formance of drills or other equivalent instruction or duty, or appro- priate duties, and administrative duties, exclusive, however, of pay, allowances, or other expenses on account of members of any class Flight training . of the Naval Reserve incident to their being given flight training unless, as a condition precedent, they shall have been found by such agency as the Secretary of the Navy may designate qualified to perform combat service as pilots of naval air craft, $4,740,000, of which amo unt no t more than $170,0 00 sha ll be availab le for maint enance and etA Armo ries, wharfage, ren tal of ar mories, i ncluding pay of ne cessary j anitors, and for w harf- age , not mor e than $7 8,011 sha ll be ava ilable fo r clerica l and mes senger serv ices f or Nav al Res erve a dminis tration in na val st ations and d is- tricts for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1930, not more than $882,931 shall be available, in addition to other appropriations, for aviation Aviation expenses . material, equipment, fuel, and rental of hangars, and not more than $754,816 shall be available, in addition to other appropriations, for F uel, etc, fue l and the transpor tation th ereof, an d for all other ex penses in con- nection with the maintenance, operation, repair, and upkeep of vessels assigned for training the Naval Reserve. NAVA L RESE RVE OFF ICERS' TRAINI NG CORP S

Naval Reserve Offi- cers' Training Corps . For the procurement, maintenance ., and issue, under such regula- Procuring supplies, tions as may be prescribed by the Seretary of the Navy, to institu- etc ., for units of. tions at which one or more units of the Naval Reserve Officers' Train-