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1482 March 2, 1929 . [S . 2410 .] [Public, No . 920.] Navy. Appointment of offi- cers in diplomatic ser- vice forbidden . R.S.see.1440, p.253, amended . Not appli cabl e to re- tired list . March 2, 1929 . [S. 5708 .] [Public, No . 921 .] CHAP. 495.-An Act Authorizing Frank A . Augsbury, his heirs, legal represent atives, and assigns, to construct, ma intain, and operate a br idge across the Saint Lawrence River at or near Morristown, New York . Be it enacted by the Senate and House o f Representatives o f the Se

Lawrence River . United States of America in Congress assembled, That in order to Frank may bridge; a"gio~s facilitate international commerce, improve the postal service, and town, N. Y., and provide for military and other purposes, Frank A . Augsbury, his Canadaille, Ontario, heirs, legal re presentat ives, and assigns, be, and is hereby , authori zed to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge and approaches thereto j across the Saint Lawrence River, so far as the United States has urisdiction over the waters of said Saint Lawrence River, at a point suita ble to the i nteres ts of navigat ion at or ne ar Mor ristow n, Saint Lawrence County, New York, to some suitable or convenient Construction . point at or near Brockville in the Province of Ontario, in the Dominion of Canada, in accordance with the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to regulate the construction of bridges over navi- Subject to approval gable waters," approved March 23, 1906, subject to the conditions of Canada . and limitations contained in this Act, and subject to the approval of the proper authorities in the Dominion of Canada . SEC . 2. There is hereby conferred upon Frank A . Augsbury, his heirs, legal representatives, and assigns, all such rights and powers to enter upon lands and to acquire, condemn, occupy, possess, and use real estate and other property in the State of New York needed for the location, construction, operation, and maintenance of such bridge and its approaches as are possessed by railroad corporations for railroad purposes or by bridge corporations for bridge purposes in the State of New York, upon making just compensation therefor to be ascertained and paid according to the laws of such State, and the proceedings therefor shall be the same as in the condemna- tion and expropriation of property for public purposes in such State. SEC . 3 . The said Frank A . Augsbury, his heirs, legal representa- tives , and assign s, is hereby autho rized t o fix and ch arge t olls f or transit over such bridge in accordance with any laws of New York applicable thereto, and the rates of tolls so fixed shall be the legal rates until changed by the Secretary of War under the authority contained in the Act of March 23, 1906. SEC . 4 . The right to sell, assign, transfer, and mortgage all the rights, powers, and privileges conferred by this Act is hereby granted to Frank A . Augsbury, his heirs, legal representatives, and assigns ; and any corporation to which or any person to whom such rights, powers, and privileges may be sold, assigned, or transferred, or who shall acquire the same by mortgage foreclosure or otherwise, is hereby authorized and empowered to exercise the same as fully as though conferred herein directly upon such corporation or person . SEC . 5 . The right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expre ssly r eserve d . Approved, March 2, 1929 . Vol.34,p.84. Right to acquire real estate, etc ., in New York , for loc ation , ap- proaches, et c . Cond emna tion ceedings . pro . Tolls authorized . Vol.34,p.85. Right to conferred . etc., Amendmen t . SEVENTIETH CONGRESS . SEss . II. Cxs. 494, 495. 1929. CHAP. 494 .- An Act To amend section 1440 of the Revised Statutes of the United States . . Be it enacted by the Senate and House o f Representatives o f the United States of America in Congress assembled, That section 1440 of the Revised Statutes of the United States be amended by adding at the end thereof the following new sentence : " Provided, however, That the foregoing provision shall not apply to any officer of the Navy on the retired list ." Approved, March 2, 1929 .