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SEVENTIETH CONGRESS . SESS. I . CHs. 569, 572. 1928 .

539 shall report thereon to the Congress as soon as practicable with such rec ommen dation as it may deem advis able : Pro vided , Th at inasmuch P r o ves y for levee as the Mississippi River Commission made a report on the 26th day of from Tip tonvi lle to th e October, 1912, recommending a levee to be built from Tihtonvllle > nessee obsee River in Ten" ~,

. Ten nesse e, to the O bion R iver in Tennessee, the said Mississippi River Commission is authorized to make a resurvey of said proposed levee and a relocation of the same if necessary, and if such levee is built . feas ible, to be found feasible, and is approved by the board created in section 1 of this A ct, and by the P resident the sam e shall be built out of appro- priations hereafter to be made . SEC. 12 . All laws or parts of laws incon sisten t wit h the above Inco nsis tent laws re- pealed . are he reby rep ealed .

Sacramento River, SEC. 13 . That the project for the control of floods in the Calif. Project for flood con- Sa crame nto Rive r, C alif orni a, a dopt ed by se cti on 2 of the Act trol of, modified . approved March 1, 1917, entitled "An Act to provide for the control P st,3p, . 948 of the floods of the Mississippi River and of the Sacramento River, California, and for other purposes," is hereby modified in accordance wit h the repor t of the Ca lifor nia D ebris Commi ssion subm itted in Senate Document Numbered 23, Sixty-ninth Congress, first session Provided, That the total amounts contributed by the Federal Govern- Proviso . amounts ce- ment, including the amounts heretofore contributed by it, shall in no stricted. event exceed in the aggregate $17,600,000 .

Interest of Members SEC . 14. In ever contract or agreement to be made or entered into of Congress in acquisi- n

tion of lands, prohib- for the acq uisition of land either by priva te sale or conde mnation as in ited . R. S see.3741 . 737. this Act provided the provisions contained in section 3741 of the U.S. Code, p.1310. Revised Statutes being section 22 of title 41 of the United States Code shall be applicable . Approved, May 15, 1928 . CHAP. 572 .-An Act Making appropriations for the Department of Agri- culture for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1929, and for other purposes . Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States o f America in Congress assembled, That the following su ms are appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not other- wise appropriated, for the Department of Agriculture for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1929, namely OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY SALARIES For Secretary of Agriculture, $15,000 ; Assistant Secretary and other personal services in the District of Columbia, including $7,294 for extra labor and emergency employments, in accordance with the Classification Act of 1923, and for personal services in the field, $642,000 ; in all, $657,000, of which amount not to exceed $633,800 may be expended for personal services in the District of Columbia Prov ided, That in expend ing a pprop riatio ns or port ions o f app ro- priations, contained in this Act, for the payment for personal services in the District of Columbia in accordance with the Classification Act of 1923, the average of the salaries of the total number of persons under any grade in any bureau, office, or other appropria- tion unit shall not at any time exceed the average of the compensa- tion rate s spec ified for the grade by such Act, and in grades in which only one position is allocated the salary of such position shall not exceed the average of the compensation rates for the grade except that in unusually meritorious cases of one position in a grade advances may be made to rates higher than the average of the com- 54835°-29-PT 1-38 May 16, 1928 . [H. R . 11577 .1 [Public, No . 392 .1 Department of Agri- culture appropriations for fiscal year, 1929 . Secretary's Office . Secr etary , As sista nt, office personnel, labor, etc . Provisos. Salaries limited to average rates under Classification Act . Vol . 42, p.1488. If only one position in a grade . Advances for unusu- ally meri tori ous c ases .