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884 James Payne . Richard Blount. Committee o n Ap- propriations . Messenger . William S . Cheat- ham . Secretary's office . Laborer . J. Mark Trice. Automobile, Vi ce Pre sid ent . Miscellaneous items . Stationery. Inquiries and in- vestigations . Folding. Senate kitchens and restaurants . House of Representa- tives . James A . Gallivan. Pay to widow . Martin B . Madden. Pay to widow. Thaddeus C . Sweet. Pay to widow . Contested-election expenses . Payment to contest- ants and contestees . Fiorello H . LaGuar- dia . H. Warren Hub- bard. Hays B . White. W. H. Clark. E. T. England. J . Alfred Taylor. Speaker's office, ad . ditional clerk . Se rgeant at Arms' office. A dditi onal pay, cash- ier and messenger, etc . SEVENTIETH CONGRESS . SESS. I. CH. 853. 1928. the Senate Library and Document Room as follows : To James Payne, $300 ; to Richard Blount, $200 ; in all, fiscal year 1928, $500 . For additional compensation to the messenger of the Committee on Appropriations, fiscal year 1929, $250 . For pa yment to Wil liam S . Che atham, an emp loyee of the S enate under supervision of the Sergeant at Arms, at the rate of $1,770 per annum in lieu of the salary he is now receiving, from December 1, 1927 , to Fe bru ary 29, 1928, $190 . For additional compensation to laborer in the office of the Secre- tary, fiscal year 19 29, $ 13 0 . For payment to J . Mark Trice for services rendered the Senate and commit tees th ereof, fiscal year 1 92 8, $ 60 0 . For driving, maintenance, and operation of an automobile for the . Vice President, fiscal year 1928, $500 . For miscellaneous items, exclusive of labor, fiscal year 1928, $50,000. For stationery for Senators, officers, and committees of the Senate, fiscal year 1928, $5,000. For expenses of inquiries and investigations ordered by the Senate, including compensation to stenographers of committees at such rate as may be fi xed by the Co mmittee to Au dit and Contro l the Contin- gent Expenses of the Senate, but not exceeding 25 cents per 100 words, fiscal year 1928, $40,000 . For folding speeches and pamphlets, at a rate not exceeding $1 per thousand, fiscal years 1928 and 1929, $5,000. For repairs, supplies, and personal services for Senate kitchens and restaurants, Capitol Building and Senate Office Building, to be expended from the contingent fund of the Senate, under supervision of the Committee on Rules, fiscal year 1928, $10,000. HO USE OF REPRESENTATIVES To pay the widow of James A . Gallivan, late a Representative from the State of Massachusetts, $10,000 . To pay the widow of Martin B . Madden, late a Representative from the State of Illinois, $10,000 . To pay the widow of Thaddeus C . Sweet, late a Representative from the State of New York, $10,000 . The three preceding appropriations shall be disbursed by the Ser- geant at Arms of the House . C onte sted -ele ctio n ex pens es : For p ayment to th e fol lowing con- testants and contestees for expenses incurred in the contested-election cases of Hubbard against LaGuardia and Clark against White, as audited and recommended by the Committee on Elections Num- bered 1 : Fiorello H. LaGuardia, contestee, $1,459 .58 ; H . Warren Hubbard, contestant, $1,650 ; Hays B . White, contestee, $1,501 .29 ; W . H. Clark, contestant, $931 .42 ; In all, $5,542 .29, to be disbursed by the Clerk of the House . For payment to the following contestant and contestee for expenses incurred in the contested-election case of Taylor against England, as aud ited a nd rec ommen ded by the C ommitt ee on Elect ions N um- bered 3 : E. T. England, contestee, $2,000 ; J . Alfred Taylor , conte stant, $2 ,0 00 ; In all, $4,000, to be disbursed by the Clerk of the House . Speaker's Office : For an additional clerk in the Office of the Speaker at the rate of $1,200 a year, fiscal year 1929, $1,200 . Sergeant at Arms' Office : For additional compensation during the fiscal year 1929 at the following rates : Cashier, $500 ; messenger,