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2726 ~~7,192!!. TREATY OF CONCILIATION-FINLAND. JUNE 7, 1928. Treaty of concilia;tion between the United States and. Finlar.d . Signed at Washington, Ju"W 7, 1928,. ratification advi,sed by the Senate, December f20, 19~8; ratified by the President, January 4. 1929,. ratified by Finland, November 9, 1928,. ratijioatioWJ ex- clu:mged at Washington, Janttary 14, 19'29,. proclaimed, Jaruua'f'1J 14,1929. By THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A :eROCLAMATION. Fmland. Conciliation, with WHEREAS a Treat bof Conciliation between the United States of Preamble. America and the ReJ?u lic of Finland was concluded and signed by their respective Plempotentiaries at Washington on the seventh day of June, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-eight, the original of which Treaty is word for word as follows: C"ntracting Powers. The President of the United States of America and the President of the Republic of )finland, being desirous to strengthen the bonds of amity that bind them together and also to advance the cause of general peace, have resolved to enter into a treaty for that purpose, and to that end have appointed as their Plenipotentiaries: The President of the United States of America, Mr. Frank B. Kellogg, SecretarY' of State vf the United States; The President of the Rep~blic of Finland, Plenipotentiaries, Mr. L. Astrom, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Finland to the United States of America; Who, after having communicated to each other their respective full powers, found to be in proper form, have agreed upon and concluded the following articles: ARTICLE I r~~r.~te~o"r~n.!dea~~ Any d~sputes arising between the G?vernment of the United States competent tribunal, of AmerlCa and the Government of Fmland, of whatever nature they suhmittedforlnvestiga· bhIIh d' d'1 t' d'hf'Id'd tion and report to may e,sa,w enor mary IpomaICprocee mgs ave al e an ge:~r~~':!missli~~ema. the High Contracting PartIes do not have recourse to adjudication . by a competent tribunal, be submitted for investigation and report to a permanent International Commission constituted in the manner prescribed in the next succeeding Article; and they agree not to declare war or begin hostilities during such investigation and before the report is submitted. ARTICLE II International ('am· The International Commission shull be composed of five members, m~~:;~;oSitiOll, etc. to be appointed as follows: One member shall be chosen f"om each country, by the Government thereof; one member shall be chosen by each Government from some third country; the fifth member shall be chosen by common a~reement between the two Governments, it being understood that he Shall not be a citizen of either country. The ex- penses of the Commission shall be paid by the two Governments in Appointment. equal proportions, The International Commission shall be appoin~ within six months after the exchange of ratifications of thIS treaty; and vacancies shall be filled according to the manner of the origmal appointment.