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INDEX. 3063 CO!J3t G'UC.rd, Trea&urll Deparimm',-Con. FaMe. deficiency apptoprlation for l"f~pairs to vessels___ _______ _______ __ 1622, 1671 for transfer from Weather Bureau funds_______________________ 1633 for seaplanes and their equipment__ 1654 , for mileage, etc___________________ 1654 for Coast Guard Academy __________ 1654 for salaries, 1929__________________ 1688 allowances to beneficiaries of officers aod enlisted men dying in service_ 710 additional dependent relatives made beneficiaries__ ___ ____ _________ 710 payment directed_______________ 711 cutter " Bear" donated to Oakland, Calif., for museum, etc________ 1145 commissioned personnel of, rearranged_ 1533 temporary officers, not above lieuten- ants! to be determined by the Preffident____________________ 1533 engineer officers to be promoted as of the line____________________ 1533 vacancy at b->ttom of, to reduce number, and add one to the line_ 1534 computations to exclude officers car- ried as additional numbers_____ 1534 escort to be furnished officers or 'en- listed men dying in the service_ _ 15M 110 pay, etc., reduction hereby________ 1534 monthly base pay of warrant officers of, modified_____________________ 1187 retired officers and enlisted men to have treatment at Public Health hos- pitals, etc____________________ 603 retired officers of, serving on active duty during World War, to be credited therefor in longevity pay etc___ 433 station authorized on Pacific b'oast at mouth of Quillayute River, Wash_______________________ 1156 Coa.~t Guard Vessels, appropriation for repairs, etc ______ 172, 1037 Coast Pilot, appropriation for compilingl.etc _____ 96, 1127 Coast Transit Division Barge iVO. 4, owner of, may bring suit for collision damages in district court_______ 1997 Coastera Harbor Island, R. I., appropriation for Naval War Col- lege ______________________ 628,1456 Coastwise Lawa, extension of, to the Virgin Islands deferred to September 30, 1928" 2921 to December 30,1929_____________ 2960 Cobb, <;lar~ A. (widow), pension mcreased___________________ 1924 Cocain~ Ca~herine (mother), pensIOn mcreased___________________ 2003 Cochra"!, A.nna J. (widow), pensIOn mcreased___________________ 2164 Cochra"!, E,lizabeth (widow), pension mcreased___________________ 1865 Cochra,,!, II.ariette J. (widow), penffion Increased___________________ 1931, Cochran, Leonidas L., land patent to______________________ 1717 amended; payment_______________ 2341 (Jochra"!, J!ary J. (widow), penffionlncreased ___________________ 2108 Cochra:M, Ala., bridge authorized across Tombigbee River, at_____________________ 754 54835°-29---89 Cochrane, Mary A. (daughter), Pa.e. pension____________________________ 2283 Cock, Margaret (widow), pension____________________________ 2314 Coco Solo Naval Air Station, Canal Zone, appropriation for improveIl1ents ___ 636, 1464 deficiency appropriation for public works_______________________ 25 Coco Solo Naval Submarine Base, Canal Zone, appropriation for improving water front_' _ __ __ _____ ____ _________ 636 Code of the Law!) of the United State8, preparation and publicatiou of sup- plement to, authorized_________ 1007 Code at LaWB of the United Statu, An- notated, limitation on purchase price__________ 1108 Code of Lawa of the United Statu and of the District of Columbia, pUblication of Supplement I of the Code as part of Statutes at urge, dispensed with__________ 1540 in slip or pamphlet form or in Statutes at Large, of the Codes, supplements, etc., may be dis- numh:~s~tth~t~oi~~;; may-be -c~r: 1540 tailed; for depository libraries, lnd for sale continued_________ 1540 printing and distribution of 8upple- ments to Codes, may be dis- pensed with__________________ 1540 one supplement for each Congress to be printed and distributed___ 1540 preparation and pUblication under House Committee on Revision of Laws, authorized___________ < 1541 supplements for each session to current edition of Code________ 1541 codification of permanent laws relat- ing to Dir,trict of Columbia_____ 1541 to be designated "The Code of the District of Columbia" ____ 1541 supplements to current edition for each session__________________ 1541 new editions of both Codes, once in five years' distribution_________ 1541 acceptance in ;It courts, States, etc., that the matter in current edition of the Code and cur- rent supplement i establish, fTarmstroBot (talk)_02:19, 7 January 2012 (UTC)_TarmstroBot (talk) __TarmstroBot (talk)_TarmstroBot (talk) 02:19, 7 January 2012 (UTC)_~ 1541 Code of the District and current supplement, establish, prima facie, the laws relating to the Dist~i~t th~n in force i except provIsions lD general aws re- lating thereto_________________ 1541 reference titles given_ _ ___ ___________ 1541 form, l!!Yle, etc., to be prescribed. by House Committee on Revision of Laws______________________ 1542 cooperation of Librarian of Congress in preparing ancillaries___ _____ 1542 additional directions authorized_____ 1542 bills and resolutions to and from the Committee to be printed, etc., as directed thereby____________ 1M2 additional copies of every publio Act and Joint Resolution to be fur- nished tho Committee in slip form, when printed____________ 1542