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3084 INDEX. Day, Albm D., Pqe, ~on____________________________ 1819 Day, A lice (widow), ~on____________________________ 1800 Day. Elizabeth (tDidow), penr,ion increased_ __________________ 1916 Day. Laura H. (tDidow). ~on increased___________________ 2129 Day, Miloua, ~nTarmstroBot (talk)jj:(~f;--------------- 1956 pension increased___________________ 1926 Dayton, Ohio! appropriation for Volunteer Soldiers' HODDe ____________________ 859,1382 deficiency appropriation for Volunteer SOldiers' BODDe __ 89,50,93,1620,1667 for ArDDY Air testing plant installa- tion_________________________ 928 foradditionalpay,l929 ___________ 1668 amount authorized for tr&Dllfer of Air Corps experbnental etc.LJ)lant to perDD&Dent site at Wright Field________________________ 299 eonstruction etc., of fireproof hoepital at Volunteer SoldIenJ' HODDe____ 1248 disabled feDDale n\U'888 of any war DDay be adDDitted_ _ ___________ 1248 contract. for, etc.; coat llmit________ 1248 De Cour,ey, Margaret A. (tDidotD), ptlnsion increued___________________ 2168 De Fcmtu, J04eph, deficiency appropriation for extra serv- ices _____________________ . . 886, 1624 De Gour, Emma S. (tDidotD), ptlnsion increased___________________ 2053 De Groat, Mary B. (toidotD), pension increased_ __________________ 1827 De Kalb Count1" Tenn., construotion of bridge acl'Ol!l8 Caney Fork River, by,leplised. ____ ___ 112 De Land, Hooker A., pension____________________________ 1784 De Martinell, Carlotta Padilla (UIidoto), pension____________________________ 2019 De M~', ~mma F. (widow), ptlnslon mcreaaed.___________________ 2050 De WiU, SUlan B. A. (toidotD), pension increased_ __________________ 1809 Deady, Bridget (tOidouI), pension increased___________________ 2239 Deaf Mula, D. C., Colored, appropriation for tuition, etc., of, out of the District_____________ 661, 1277 Dean, Anna E. (toidotD), pension____________________________ 2246 Dea.n, Harry L., pension____________________________ 1995 Dean, ¥arya (toidotD), pElD8lon mcreaaed___________________ 1967 Dean. Seth title of United States relin~ufshed to claiDD of, for lands in Washington County, Ala__________________ 972 Dean, SUlan B. \widow), D~~lVTarmstroBot (talk)-ir~;-------------------- 1807 n&DD8 placed on yellow fever honor roll and ~resented gold medaL_____ 1409 Dear~, PelUl J. (widow), peDalon mcreased___________________ 2105 DeGUm! Jamea M., peD81on____________________________ 1992 DelJlJer, Huldah (~), hp. ~iTarmstroBot (talk)------------------- 2299 appropriation for reporting, Houae of Rep~ntativee ____________ 523,1393 for reporting, Senate___________ 620,1.a90 DeW'", LOuiaa (toidoto), ~Dalon---------------------------- 1938 DeCamp, John G., n:~our:TarmstroBot (talk):~~------------ 2046 tiDDe extended for bridlrlng Tenneuee River, in Perry COunty and___ _ Decatur, Nebr., bridge authorized across Missouri River, at___________________________ 392 tbne extended for bridging Missouri Rlver,at_____________________ 1626 Dechanmriter, Hans, payDlent to GerDDaDY, for heirs of, deeeaaed, while Beaman in Amer- ican merchant Marine_________ 41' DecidUO'Ul Fruita, appropriation for investigating inaects affectin~------------------ 658, 1208 Decker, Addie (toidotD), peDlJion increased___________________ 191' Diicker, Fra~ (widow), pension increased_ __________________ 1866 Dicker, Harriet A. (toidou), pension increased_ __________________ 2131 Dicker, Lumira (widow), pension increased_ __________________ 2112 Decorations, Foreign, acceptance authorized of, by desig- nated ArDDY, Navy, and Marhie Corps officers ________________ _ Navy officers ____________________ _ Marine Corps officers _____________ _ ArDDY officers ____________________ _ recoDDDDendationa fOlj.pending in War Department, .Navy DepartDDent or Marine Corps, for World 744 744 745 745 War service to be considered by pro,t>er boards, and awards Dl&de_ 741 Decorations, United Statea, diBtingl!iahed ftyinlS cross awarded to Orville Wnght and Wfibur Wright______________________ 2036 Nicar&gl18o!l CaDDpaign badge awarded to Captain JaDDeB P. "" _ _ 2040 D~ Andrew S. (,on), pension____________________________ 1885 Deemer, Mary L. (widow), pension increased_ __________________ 2123 Diema, Rachel L. (widow), pension increased_ __________________ 2268 Deer I,land Thorough/are, Me., pier and wharf in, legalized___________ 764 Deer Point, Fla., bridge authorized acroBB Santa Rosa Sound, near__________________ 752 Deer River, Minn., bridge authorized acrOBB MiBBiBBippi Rlve~ between Cohasset and___ 473 Deerinq, Ella 4. (widow), penBlon____________________________ 222l Deerinq, Parmelia B. (widow), pensIOn increased ___________________ 2273 Deerlodgs National Forut Mont., portion of Helena National Forest transferred to ________________ 2989- Defending Suit. in Claima, appropriation for expeD88B _________ 77,1108