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1828 SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SESS. I . CHS. 514,527,535,536. 1928. Promo. Dependence to established . rate said Ensign William Lansdale Dyer was entitled to receive be at the date of his death: Provided, Th",t the said Anita W. Dyer establishes to the satisfaction of the Secretary of the Navy the fact that she was dependent upon her son, the late Willillm Lansdale Dyer at the time of his death. Approved, May 9, 1928. May 11, 1928. [H. R . 4357.] OHAP. 627. - An Act For the relief of William Childers. [Private, No. 115.] W'llI Child Be it enacted by the Seruzte 0Il'U1 H OIU8e of Repre861ttOitive8 of the p~~t to, '~:SPer' United States of A'11t6'I"ica in Ocm.gres8 a8seml>led, That the Secretary IlOna! injuries. of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay to William Childers, formerly employed ,in quarrying stone for use in connection with the Government Lock Numbered 1, on the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River, the sum of $840, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, as full compensation for injury and consequent loss of the left eye sustained in the course of his employment and without negligence on his part. Approved, May 11, 1928. May 12, 1921. [H. R . 101112.] OHAP. 636. -An Act For thEl relief of Lois Wilson. [PrIvate, No. 116 .) Be. it enacted by the Senate and Home of Re~e8entative8 01 the ~~'!:r~' Govern· United States of America in Oongres8 a88eml>led, That the Secretary =Ul88:gao~ of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay, ioe. W • out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, and in full settlement against the Government, the sum of $2,000 to Lois Wilson, of Gaston County, North Carolina, formerly a nurse in the service of the United States Veterans' Bureau, who contracted tuberculosis while on duty at United States Veterans' Bureau Hos- pital Numbered 60, Oteen, North Carolina, from November 1, 1924, to May 22, 1925. May 12, 11128 . [H. R .llm.] [Private, No. 117.] Approved, May 12, 1928. CHAP. 636. - An Act For the relief of Thomas Edwin Huffman. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the ~omasEdwlnHu1f. United State8 of America in Oongres8 a8semblea, That the Secretary Redemption of lost of the Treasury be, and he is here})y, authorized and directed to United States notes. redeem in favor of Thomas Edwin Hufl'man United States coupon notes numbered Ir-12380683 to L-12380685, inclusive, in the denomi- nation of $50 each, of the Victory Liberty loan 4%, per centum convertible gold notes of 1922-1923, matured May 20, 1923, with interest at the rate of 43,4 per centum per annum from May 20, 1919, to May 20, 1923, inclusive, without presentation of said notes or the PrOll/lol. Condition. coupons representing interest from May 20, 1919, to May 20 1923, the notes with the said coupons attached having been lostz stoien, or destroyed: Provided, That the said notes shall not have been previously presented and paid, and that payment shall not be m.ade hereunder for any coupons that shall have been previously presented Indemnity bond. and paid: And provided further, That the said Thomas Edwin HulIman shall first file in the Treasury Department of the United States a bond in the penal sum of double the amount of the principal of the said notes and the interest payable thereo.' . when the notes matured, in such form and with such surety or sureties as may be acceptable to the Secretary of the Treasury, to indemnify and save