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INDEX. 3231 MMnOrial Day, 19tB, Pap. appropriation for aiding Grand Army of the Republic in services at Ar- lington Cemetery, etc., on______ 494 Me~al Day, 19B9, defiClency appropriation for aiding Grand Army of the Republic in services at Arlington Cemetery, etc. on 1632 Memorial to' Wo_-~rih6-W~id-w;T- D.C., ' deficiency ap'propriation for additional ad . contribution to_______________ 886 ditlonal appropriation authorized for erecting and equipping_ _ _ _____ 250 Memorials, appropria~ion for constructing etc., Arlmgton Memorial Bridge across Potomac River ______ 575,1232 deficiency appropriation for at Fort Sackville , to co~emorate accession of Northwest Ter- ritory _______ __ ___ _____ 887 for tablet, to commemorate h~ldi;g Indian peace council, at Medi- cine Lodge, Kans., in 1867_____ 902 for Mount Rushmore Memorial Com- mission__ __ ____________ ___ __ _ 1627 for Virginia Dare_ _ _ ___________ ___ 1666 for Gener&.l Anth_ny Wayne, Fort Defiance, Ohio________________ 1666 authorized, to commemorate the Battle ~ Fort Fisher, by Wilmington, . C________________________ 1066 Battle of Monocacy, Md__________ 1444 commemorate Nancy Hart, in Hart County, Ga_________________ 1308 building to be erected at Fort Lewis- Wash., as.l . to Major Generai Henry A. Ureene_____________ 1154 Congressional committee to attend un- veiling of, to Wilbur and Orville . Wright, at Kitty Hawk, N. C_ __ 1020 erectlOn of chapel at Lakewood Naval Air Station, N. J., commemora- tive of lives lost in aviation____ 1478 tablet, etc., at Medicine Lodge Kans., to commemorate India~ peace council there in 1867_ ___ _ 492 authorized at Lititz, Pa., to com- memorate American soldiers wounded in Battle of Brandy- . wine and buried at that place_ _ 718 establishment of, Presidents' plaza and in Nashville Tenn., to forme; Presidents Jackson, Polk, and Johnson_____________________ 1020 tablet or marker, authorized for Federal soldiers killed at battle of Perry- ville, Ky__ __ _______________ __ 160 tablet to be erected at Clinton, N. C . in commemoration of former Vice President William Rufus King__ 719 plans, etc., for George Rogers Clark author~ed __________________ : 1626 MemphiJJ, Tenn., appropriation for public building______ 1043 deficiency appropriation for custom- house, etc., extension ________ 347,922 Menard, David J. junior, pension____________________________ 1995 Mendel, Gmtave, pension____________________________ 2004 Men~hal!, Carrie A. (widow), Pa.ce. penSlOn mcreased_ _ ____ __ _____ ___ __ _ 2136 Mendez, Captain Benjamin, distinguished flying cross presented to_ 2342 Mendon, Utah, lands granted to for water supply __ ___ 451 Menea~, E~ma B. (widow), penSlOn Increased___________________ 1743 Menominee Agency, Wis., appropn,ation for support, etc., of In- dUns at_____________________ 1571 unexpended balance available_ _ _ _ 1571 Menominee Indian Reservation, Wis., appropriation for Keshena hospital ad- dition_ _ _________ ___ ___ ___ __ _ 1582 for two bridges on; from trib~l funds 1587 deficiency appropriation for hospital equipment, and physician'~ quarters_____________________ 901 forest investigations, etc., on Indian res- ervations not applicable to__ 207, 1570 Menominee Indians, Wis., appropriation for industrial assistance, etc., from tribal funds_________ 208 for per capita payments to, from tribal funds__________________ 226 deficiency appropriation for per capita payments to, from tribal funds_ 1642 Menominee, Mich., agreement of Michigan and Wisconsin for bridging Menominee River, between Marinette, Wis., and, consented to_________________ 300 Menominee River, agreement of Wisconsin and Michigan for bridging, between Marinette, Wis., and Menominee, Mich., consented to________________ _ 300 bridge authorized across, at Marinette Wis ________________________ : 303 Mentally Aiflicted World War Veterans additional hospitall domiciliary ~nd out-patient aispensary facilities to be provided for, in Veterans' _ Bureau hospitals______________ 715 . Mercer! A,,!nie F. (wtdow), penSlOn mcreased___________________ 2246 Merchant Fleet CorpoTation (388 also United S.ta~es Shipping Board), approprlatlOn for expenses oL _____ 586, 1244 for operating ships for carrying coal to foreign ports____________ 586,1244 for operating ships taken back from purchasers ________________ 586,1244 for reconditioning "Mount Vernon" and" Monticello" __ __ _ __ _ __ __ _ 586 Mercha,nt, ofeannette P. (widow), penSlOn lDCree.sed_ _ __________________ 2165 Merchan' Marine Act, 1920 (see also Merchant Marine Act, 1928) construction loan fund provision'! ' of, . amended_____________________ 690 requirement of, for shipping foreign mails on, modified____________ 696 al~o,,:ance of rates for, repe8.led_ ____ 696 marmemsuranceprovisionsof modified 697 during period of ten years frdm June 5- 1920, proceeds from sale of doc~ umented vessel built prior to ~anuary 1, 1914, exempt from mcome tax__ 881 if proc~~ inves~d-iti:-buiidi';g'De';' S~lPS In Amencan shipyards____ 881 baslB of new ships_______________ 881