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3234 INDEX. Miami, Mo. -Continued. p .... time extended for bridging Missouri Ftiver, at____________________ 1511 Miami, Okla., terms of court at____________________ 1518 Miami River, bridge authorized ac~ between Law- renceburg and vofumbia Park, Ind ________________________ _ 394 Micha4, C?,hari'M (widow), peruuon Inc~___________________ 2055 Michael, Mary (widow), pension _________________________ <>_ _ 1970 Michael, Mary E. (widow), pension ____________________________ 1818 M icha~, AI!atilda (widow), pensIon mc:-ease<l___________________ 2203 Michaud Division, Fort Hall Indian ReaCT- vation, I daM, deficiency appropriation for water aerv- ice__________________________ 900 Michigan, agreement with Wisconsin for con- structing, etc., of bridge across Menominee River between Mar- inette, Wis., and Menominee, Mich., consented to by Congress_ 300 Federal jurisdiction not affected_ _ __ 301 and Wisconsin may bridge Menominee River, at Marin~tte, Wis_______ 303 holders of title for more than 20 years, etc., of tracts of public land in, to have patent therefor _______ _ corporations included_____________ _ Huron National Forest, set aside _____ _ may acquire, alfter completion, bridge across Detroit Ftiver, at Stony 1188 1188 2900 Island_______________________ 621 Saint Clair Ftiver, at Port Huron_ 455,1484 Michigan Avenue NE., D. C ., appropriation for paving, etc., North Capital Street to Monroe Street; from gasoline tax fund_________ 1272 Michigan Avenue NE., D. C ., etc., relocation of, from Franklin Street to Lincoln Road_________________ 1543 portion vacated transferred to gro'lOds of Soldiers' Home_____________ 1543 Dart of Soldiers' Home grounds, to - be transferred to CoJlllllisBioners for street UseB________________ 1543 designated portion of, vacated, and reverted to owners of designated parcels_ ____ _ _ _ __ _________ ___ 1543 owners to dedicate described land to the Commissioners __ _ _ ____ _ 1544 transfer of parcel as part of Sol- diers' Home grounds_ _ _ _ ______ 1544 designated lands to be transferred to owners by Soldiers' Home commissioners________________ 1544 plat showing transfers to be prepared and certified by district surveyor 1544 to be recorded in office_ _ ________ 1544 relocation of tracks of Washington Railway and Electric Company on _________________________ _ cost, and expenses to be borne by the Company; Bupervision of the work _______________________ _ amount authorized for paving, ete., made available for expenses of._ easement given Railway Company for operating cars, etc., over, when straightened _________________ _ 1544 1544 1544 1545 Michigan Avenue NE:). D . C .-Continued. p .. . . easement given .Kailway Company; charter of Company amended to provide for relocation of tracks, etc__________________________ 1545 Michigan Canal, bridge authorized across, in Chicago, TIl. 1079 Michigan National FOTeat, proclamation designating portion of, as Huron National Forest. _ _ _ __ __ 2959 Mick, ~lizl! (widow), penSIOn Increased___________________ 1746 Mic.'e, Sarah (widow). pension increased___________________ 2295 Mickl~, R?chel A. (widow), penSIOn Increased___________________ 2189 Middaugh, Mary (widow), pension___ ____ __ ___ ___ __ __ ____ ___ __ 1818 Middle Rio Grande Conservancy Di8trict, N. Mex., deficiency appropriation for payments to, 1929 and 1930_____________ 1640 agreement authorized with, for conser- vation, irrigation, etc., of Pueblo Indian lands within boundaries thereof______________________ 312 construction cost of work apportioned to Indian lands_______________ 312 payable in not less than five annual installments__________________ 312 withheld if work not approved by the Secretary____________________ 312 determining apportionment of, on basis of Indian acreage benefited, including lands susceptible there- of___________________________ 312 limit of average cost per acre bene- fited_________________________ 312 present water rights of Pueblo owned lands in the district, and the domestic water supply, to have priority to any rights of the dis- trict, etc__ __ __ __ __ ____ _______ 313 water rights for newly reclaimed lands to be equal to those of district la~d~, a~d protected from dis- cnmmatlOn__________________ 313 not subject to loss while title in Indi- ansor United States __________ 313 area not subject to share of cost for future operation_ _____________ 313 reimbursement of cost paid district for Indian land_ _________________ 313 only from proceeds of leases of newly reclaimed pueblo lands_________ 313 no rental charges on newly reclaimed lands cultivated hy Indians_ ___ 313 lien for cost of works apportioned to newly reclaimed lands_________ 313 not enforced while title remains in Indian ownership_ _ ____ ____ __ _ 313 recognition of authority of Secretary of the Interior as to matters per- taining ratio of operation, etc__ 313 Middle Rio Grande Conservancy Project. N.Mex., deficiency appropriation for irrigation and flood controL_____________ 900 Middletown, Pa., Army Air Depot, amount authorized for buildings ___ 130,1303 Midland Bridge Company, Incorporated, may bridge Cumberland River, at Smithland, Ky_______________ 141 Tennessee River, at mouth of Clarks River _____ ______ ______ __ _____ 143