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INDEX. 3465 Workhouae and Reformarory, D. C .- Con. Paae. appropriatioh for purchase of land for railroad sidmg_ __ ___ __ _____ ___ 6 .73 for additional land around buildings; immediately available_ ________ 673 Workhouae, D. C ., a.ppropriation for salaries _________ 673,1289 for maintenance, etc ___________ 673, 1289 for construction of pennanent build- ~etc ____ _____ ____ ____ ____ 1289 for fueL ______________________ 673, 1289 for reconditioning barges, wharves, etc__________________________ 673 for construction, repairs, etc_____ 673, 1289 for brick planL___________________ 673 for motor vehicle_________________ 673 deficiency appropriation for mainten- ance, etc_______________ 10,892,1630 Warkman, 18alJC, ~ks~~La~roN.-(~),- --- --- ------- 1822 ~dslV~~Creased------------------- 1944 appropriation for preparing Medical and Surgical History oL_______ 358 for preparing naval records oL __ 642, 1471 for expenses of Judge Advocate Gen- eral's Office, War Defartment, executing provisions 0 "Settle- ment of War Claims Act, 1928"_ 1352 additional amount authorized for erect- ing and equipping Memorial to the Women oL_______________ 250 mentally afHicted veterans of, to be p,ro- vided with additional hospital, domiciliary, and out-patient dis- pensary (acilities, in Veterans' Bureau hospitals______________ 715 pilgrimages to cemeteries in Europe arranged for mothers and wid- ows of American forces, who died during, and are buried therein_ _ 1508 settlement authorized of the indebted- ness of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes _____ _____ 399 settlement of claims arising out of, be- tween United States, Germany, Austria, and Hungary, etc___ 254-279 World War Adjusted Compensation, appropriation for administrative ex- penses, etc., under Veterans' Bureau ___________________ 58G 1245 for administrative expenses, under Navy Department; unexpended balance reappropriated________ 642 deficiency appropriation for adminis- trative expenses, under War Department__________________ 925 Warld War Adjusted Compensation Act A mendment8, application for benefits of, to be filed before January 2,1930________ 947 personally, or by representative of veteran physically unable______ 947 void, if by other than representative, or not filed before January 2, 1980________________________ 947 by any person, if veteran dies after making, before filing__________ 947 by widow, if veteran died without making, between May 19, 1924, and July 1, 1924_______________ 947 valid, if application filed before Jan- uary 2, 1930, whether or not alive at the time_______________ 947 World War Adjuated Compensation Act p"".. AmendmentB--Continued. application for benefits of; disposition of credits] if payments previously paid, ana application filed there- after____ ___ _______ _____ ______ 947 no payment to widow if remarried, etc_ 947 unless dependent at death of veteran, and before January 3, 1930_____ 947 presumption of dependency of widow_ 947 payment to child under 18, or physi- cally incapable of support, before January 3,1930______________ 948 limitation as to mother or father before January 3,1930______________ 948 time for applying for benefits extended to January 2, 1980____________ 948 payments only if applications made_ 948 applications personally, or by repre- sentative, if physically, etc., in- capable______ ____ ____ __ ______ _ 948 void, if otherwise ________________ . 948 presumption of application for benefits if Department records show filing, though original can not be found_______________________ 948 transmittal of new application if filed, as of date of former _ _ ____ 948 continued unexplained absence from home, etc., for seven years, a presumption of death_________ 948 if no application of veteran prior to, benefits allowed dependents____ 948 dependency construed; of widow_____ 949 incapacity of child______________ 949 mother or father_________________ 949 if veteran appears, payments to de- pendents shall ce88e____________ 949 deduction of payments made_____ 949 payment to legally appointed guardian, etc., of minors, physically incom- petents,etc__________________ 949 direct, prior to receipt of notice of disability____________________ g49 veteratim~loc~~_03:26, 7 January 2012 (UTC)~_~_TarmstroBot (talk) 949 payment to estate of, if unable to ascertain the beneficiary named_ 949 punishment for fraudulent statements, etc., extended________________ 949 no prior payments, etc., invalidated___ 950 priority of dependents, etc _ ________ 950 loans to veterans on service certificates allowed by Veterans' Bureau from life insurance fund_______ 1561 terms and conditions; rate of interest not to exceed 6 per cent________ 1561 duplicate certificates, may be islued for those lost without bad faitb_ 1561

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delivery to veteran____________ 1561 after delivery, if partially de- stroyed,etc __________________ 1561 World War Claims (see Mixed CIaims Commissions) . World War Foreign Debt Commission, approval of settlement made by, of in- debtedness of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes_____________________ 399 World War Veterans' Act, 1984 (see olio Veterans' Bureau). appropriation for expenses of admfniII.. tratioD ___________________ 587,1245