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1706 SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SEss. I . CBS. 106, 115, 118. 125. 1928• . an application for a discharge in bankruptcy in said coun at. any time within. six months from the approval of .thjs Act: Pro~l That it. man. be made to aj)peal" to the judge of said court that saia. bankrupt; was unavoidably preveated from filing an. application within the time limit fixed by the Beneral laws on bankruptcy: Provitkd further, That Baid application shan be heard and deter- mined according to said bankrUptcy laws. Approved, February 25, 1928. Febnary-, I_ [8.1_.) 0JrAII. 115.- An Act To remove a cloud on title. [PrIvate. No. 21.1 r Belt «I4Ct«l by tM S6'Mte and H 0086 01 R6pruentatwu of tM Harrllon County'UnJUd statu of .America in. OongrU8 a88embled That the United M:noVal of cloud on States hereby relinquishes all the right, title, a~d interest of the

-woenalnproperty Unit«l'States acquired by virtue of a marshal's deed dated Aupt

. 21, l.848. in the followinB.- described property situated in HarrIson DelcripUon. COunty, "Mississfppiz to WIt: The west half southwest quarter section 30, toWnship 7 SOUtDz.. range 10 west, and east half southeast quarter section 25, townshil? 1 south, range 11 west, lying south of Bernard's Bayou and containmg about one hundred and fifty acres. Approved, February 28, 1928. MIIlCh2. 1_ lH. R. '1*.) OHAP. 118. -AIi Act For the relief of Augustus C. Turner. [PrIvate. No. 22 .) Be it ~a by tM Senate and HOOle 01 Representatives 01 the tt:~ ~ Unit6(/, Statea of 4,merica in Oongre88 a88emhled, That in the admin- noted. istration of any laws conferring rightS, privileges, and benefits upon honorably discharaed soldiers, Augustus C. Turner, who was a mem- ber of COmean]' ~, First Regiment, and Company B, Forty-fourth ~sr Umted States Volunteer Infantry, and Troop M, Thirteenth Umted States CavalJ.'Y shall herea;fter 00 held and considered to have been discharged honorably from the military service of the United States as a member of Troop M, Thirteenth United States ProNo. Cavalry on the· 14th day of November 1905: P1'01Jided, That no No beck pay, etc. bounty, back pay, pension! or allowance shall be held to have accrued prior to the passage of thIS Act. Approved, March 2, 1928. M.rch 3. 1028. [H. 11 .11627 .1 OJlA!'. 1:35 -An Act For the relief of the International Petroleum Company. (PrIvate, No. 23 .) Limited, of Toronto, Canada. Be it enacted by the Senate and H 0tUJ6 01 R6pre86ntatives dl the International Pe~ United StaJe& of .America in Oongres8 Q,88einhled, That the claim of =r Company, LIID- the International Petroleum Company, Lim.ited, of Toronto, Canada, ooM:TarmstroBot (talk) f~ charterer of the tank steamer Trontolite, against the United States Reamer "Tronwllte" for damages alleged to have been caused liy collision between said Ind.latrictoourt. steamer Trontolite and the United States Navy Submarine 0-2 at Cristobal, Canal Zone, on November 30, 1918, may be determined in a suit to be brou~ht by said claimant against the United States ,in the United States District Court for the SOutl1ern, District of New York, sitting as a court of admiralty and actin~ under the rules governing lur11d1et1on of court. such court in admiralty cases, and that saId court shall have jurisd,ic- tion tQ hear and determine 'said suit and to enter a judgment or decree· for the amount of such damages and costs, if any, as shall be found due from the United States to the Said International Petro- leum Company, Limited, by reason of said collis.ion upon the same