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1708 SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SESS. I . CBB. 129, 130, 145,146. 1928. be acceptable to the Secretary of the Treasury to indemnify and SaTe harmless the United States from a.ny loss on' account of the losli, stoIeJ,l, or destroyed certificates of indebtedness herein described. Approve.d, .M8.rch 5; 1Q28. . . , March 5,1ns. OBAP. 130.- An Act To reimburse certain Indiana of the Fort Belknap [~~: ~.~.) Reeen h atJoo, Mbntana, for part or full value of an allotment of land to which t ey were individually entitled. , Be it enacted by the Senate and H0'U88 of Repr88emati1J88 of the er!.~~=p Bee- United State8 01 America in Oongre88 aB8emi>led, That there is hereby ~~=~dr- authorized to be appropriated, from any funds in the Treasury of the Vlllge at ~: UDitcd Statea not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $45,716.80 to ~.p 89!1 reimburse the following-named Indians or their heirs, if deceased, in ,.. the amounts following their respective names as full compensation for the value of an allotment of land on the Fort Belknap Indian Reser- vatioJ1,'·Montana, to which they were individually entitled under the Vol. 41, p.1W . provisioJ1S of the Act of March 8, 1921 (Forty-first Statutes, page 1355): Riclutrd O'Bryan, $1,516.80; Bessie O'Bryan Dohmeyer, $8,400;. Eva O'Bryan, ~2400; Kate O'Bryan Wernicke, $3,400; Gerald O'Bryan U ·$200; Barbara E. O'Bryan, $200; John F. O'Bryan, $3,400; Rose E en O'Bryan, $3,400' Archie DuBoise l $1 600; Henry Bradley, $1,000; George BradleYJ r$l,OOO; William Bradley, $1,600; Josephine First Raised, $1,600; Mary First Raised, $1,600; Bryan First Raised, $800; Elizabeth Parker, $3,400' Charles W. Parker, $3,400; Ambrose Parker, $3,400; Darlene ·E. Parker, $3,400; Adell Stri)[e, .$200; Rosella O'Bryan, $1,600; Daisy Adams, $1,600: Pro-

of payment.

-videa, That the funds authorized to be appropriated hereby may be paid to the Indians in .ca~, or expended in thej>urch~ of inheri~d or other trust lands WIthm the Fort Belknap ReservatIOn for whIch patents shall be issued of the same form as those held by other Indians of the reservation. March 7, Ins. [H. R .619.) [Private, No. 27.) Approved, March 5, 1928. OHAP. 146. - An Act For the relief of Joseph F. Ritcherdaon. loeeph F RIPlherd Be it enacted by the Senate and H O'UBe 01 Represemati1Je8 of the BOD. • - United Statu 01 America Vn, Oong1'68' aB8embled, That in the ad- ~.tary record cor- ministration of any laws conferring rights, privileges, and benefits uJ.>on honorably discharged soldiers, or their dependents, Joseph F. Rltcherdson shall hereafter be held and considered to have been m the milit~ service of the United States as a musician of Company C, One hundred and twenty-second Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infan- try, from the 4th day of September, 1862, to the 1st day of June, 1864, and to have been disch~ed honorably from said service on the =tirp8Dlion etc. last-named date: PrfYVided, That no bounty, pension, pay, or other , emoluments shall accrue prior to the passage of this Act. Approved, Ma.rch 7, 1928. March 7, 11128 . [[[User:TarmstroBot|TarmstroBot]] (talk):: ~1.) OHAP. 146.- An Act For the relief of Fred R. Nugent. Be it MUlCted by the S6'TUde ani/, H O'U8e of Repr68entatWea of the =R. N: Umted States of America in O~ aB8tmWled, That in the admin- nct;ed~ cor- istration of any laws conferring rights, privileges, and benefits upon honora1>lY discnarged soldiers Fred R. Nugent, who was a private in the H~ital COrps, United States Army, shall hereafter be held and considered to have been discharged honorably from the military