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1710 SEVEN.TIETH CONGRESS. .8Ess.L CBS. 201,202,214, 215. 1928. upon honorably di8Char~ soldiers James Neal alias James S~cer, who was & pr,ivate of COmpany G, Thirty-fifth )i;gimeq.t New Jersey Volunteer Infantq, shall heieafter be held and considered to have been discharged honorably from the military service of the United PrwiIN. States as a member of saId company and regiment on'the 29th day No back pay, etc. of June, 18M: P'rO'ltided, That no back pay, pension or bounty shall be held to have accrued prior to the passage of this Act. Approved, March 10, 1928. March 10, 11128 . ~. 2809.) 0lUP. aoa .-An Act For the relief of the heirs of Jacob Thomas. [ ,NOoII.1 J b Thoma Be it ~ by the S6'Mte aM H tNlJe of RtpN!Jllentativ68 of ehe ~t t. heirs of. UnMed States of A~ hi, Otmg'T-e88 a88emhled, That there be Jortatallnjurieatohlm. paid bI the Secretary of the Treasury to the heirs of Jacob Thomas, fonnerly an employee of the Rock Island Arsenal, in the State of minois, out of. ~y money in the Treasury not otherwise appro- pr!ated; and in full settlement against the Government the sum of $497.~ for the death of said Jacob Thomas, resulting from injuries received 'while in the performance of duty on the 1st day :,f Novem- ber,1901. March 10, 11128. [H.R .M711 .) [Private, No. M .I Approved, March 10, 1928. CHAP. :a14.- An Act For the relief of James W. Kingon. Be it enacted by the Senate and HtNlJ6 of Rep!esentativl#J of the ~~·~nim. United StattJ8 of A~ in 001/1J1'688 a88embled, That the Secretary tary ~- ' of the Treasury, ~and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pa'y to James W. lUngon, out of any mOJ;ley in the Treasury not otherwise app~~ted, the sum of $170 in full settlement of all pay, bounty, and 8ll0wances due him for services in Company H, Forty- second Regiment· Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Approved, March 10, 1928. March 12. 11128. [8.1705.] CHAP. :a11S. -An Act Authorizing the Court of Claims to render Judgment [PrIvate, No. 36 .) in favor of the administrator of or collector for the eAtate of Peter P. Pitchlynn, deceased, instead of the heirs of Peter P. Pitchlynn, and for ether purposes. PeterP Pitchl)'DD Be it eMCted by the S~ and Howe of Representatives of the court of Clauna'to U'lViteil State8 of A~ in Oongre88 assem1Jled, That the Court ~::roI J:3=-::: of Claims is hereby authorized to render judgment 'in the suit of ~=ol, jJIRMd of the heirs of Peter P. PitchlynJ;l, deceased, against the Chootaw Nation, numbered thirty thousand five hundred and thirty-two, now pending in said court on mandate from the Supreme COurt of the United States in favor of the administrator of 'or collector for the estate of Peter P. Pitchlynn, d~, appointed or to be appointed under the laws of the District of ColumbIa, for $8,118.92, the amount FmnCbootawtrlbeJ the Court of Olaims on June 9, 1924, found to be,due the heirs of fundi. said Pitchlynn from the Choctaw Nation. Said judgment shall be paid out of any funds in the Treasury or custody of the United vIU U d States belonging to the Choctaw Nation. ed. o. , p. s,amen· SEC. 2 . To tlie above extent, the Act of Congress approved June 1& 21, 1906 (Thirty-fourth Statutes at Large, pages 326, 345), under etcTarmstroBot (talk) WI, which saia suit was instituted in said Court of Claims is hereby amended, and all Acts or parts of Acts inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed. . Approved, March 12, 1928.