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SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SE88.·I . CBS. 443-445,447. 1928. 1729; OHAP. ,"S.-An Aet For'the telIeI of Prank HaDley. 3,~- Be it .~ by tM S6'NIte aM Howe of R~e8entati~8 of the t iiil UftitM S~ of America mOO'R1J1'6U ane'lTlbW, That in the admin- TarmstroBot (talk) 22:32, 6 January 2012 (UTC)Orable i~ration of la~s confe~g rights and privileges upon honorably dlacharae. dlscharged soldIers or saIlors, Frank Hanley mall be held to ·AaTe been honorablY. discharged .from the naval sen1ce as a. landsman on board the United States shipYantie OIl NOftmber 20, 1865: Pro.· ~o~paf,etc. 1.1Ued,That no back: pay, oompensation, or other benefit shall accrue prior to the passage of this Act. . Approved, April 26, 1928. CHAP. 444 . - An Act For the teliefQf Lieutenant Henry C. Weber, Medical --..A=prIl~[S~.:c.~lr-"=T_ Corps, United States Navy. [PriVate, No. ga.l Be it enacted by the SenOte aM HOtl8e of Re'P"'ese'Atati1Jes'o{ the. Umted Btates of America i,. O~N88 alMmWled, That the Presldent wLf:~UItDl7C. be, and he is hereby, authorizedt&place Lieutenant Henry C. Weber, ~ay ~~ppo1nted Medical Corps, United States Na., ., in the position on the list of :U~~=ander lieutenant commanders in the Medical Corps of the United States Navy which he would han held had he been ~issioned.inthe said Medical CorpS of the UDi$ed States N~!y as of December 10, 1918: Provided, That the said Lieutenant Weber, MediealCorps, :r~fIO\o be tabo shall first establish, in accordance· with existing _provisions of law, 1Ished~ es his physical, mental, moral, and professional qutJifieations to perform the duties of a lieutenant coiIllQ'ander. in the Medical Corps Qf the United States Navy: PrO'lJided further, That no.back payor allow- Nobeolr:P67,etc. ances shall accrue by reason of the passage of thlS Act.· Approved, April 26, 1928. CHAP. 44G.- An Ac~ For the relief of Lieutenant Robert Stanley Robertaon, A~~ ~.r- junior, United States Navy. [Private, No. Vt-J Be it lhe Senate and H O'IJM 01 Representatwes of tM United States of Ame1'ic(J in. OOnqr~8' atJ8tmW16tl, That the Presi.. ~:~ Stanle Rob- dent is hereby authorized to appomt, by and with the advice and ertson, iunlor, ~~ consent of the Senate, Lieutenant Robert St~ey Robertso~t h'lIliorJ. ~fll~=t;~ United Sta~s Navy, a lieutenant commander on the retiTarmstroBot (talk) OJ al. the N avy ~lth pay and. a~lowances· of th~ fourt~ pay perJOd;;~ nowprescnbed under eXlstmg laws, and WIth credit for iill Bel'Vlce 8erv1oe credit. which he is now entitled to co~t in the computation of his pay: P.rovided, That nothing contained herein shall entitle Lieutenant ~ pay. Robert Stanley Robertson, junior, to any back payor allowances. Approved, April 26, 1928. CHAP. 447 .- An Act For the relief of David J. Williams. A~ '11 , lQ28. [S.463 .) [Prlvu. , No. 86.] Be it MIlJ,Cf,ed by the Senate and Houae of ReP!68entati'Vu of the United States of America in Oong1'688 as.em;blid That the COmp- DavidJ. Williams. troller General of the United States be, and he is hereby, aUthorized r::t ~un~ and directed to credit the accounts of David J. Williams, of Tacoma, thorlsed. Washington, formerly collector of internal revenue for. the district of Washington, in the sum of $22,160.78, due the United States on account of loss of public funds stolen from the internal revenue office at Seattle, Washington, March 16, 1920. Approved, April 27, 1928.