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SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SESS. II. CHs.233-236. 1929. to the American Minister at Peking, of an annuity for the family of Wang Erh-Ko. Approved, February 16, 1929. 2257 February 16, 1929. CHAP. 2S4. -An Act For the relief of Florence P. Hampton. [H. R. l.'i004.) [Private, No. 363 .) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States 0/ A.'merica in Oongre8s assem1Jled, That the Secre- Florence P. Ramp- tary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and dh'ected to~ayment to, for to pay, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, death of husba!- , d. and in full settlement against the Government, the sum of $5,000 to Florence P. Hampton, on account of the death of her husband, Henry Alfred Hampton, who was killed in Calhoun County, Florida, September 6, 1928, while deputized as a prohibition enforcement officer. Approved, February 16, 1929. February 16, 1929. CHAP. 235. - An Act For the relief of Mackenzie Memorial Hospital and -"n':[~II:=:-;.R=,.~I34~28=;r.,');-;- German-American Hospital and Lau Ye Kun, all of Tientsin, China. [Private, No. 364 .) Be it enacted by the Senate and HOUBe of Representatives 0/ the United States o/America in Oongress assembled, That the Il.ppropri- ~ientsini c~na.M ation is hereby authorized, out of any money in the Treasury not ken~reneMeko~ie.1 ~d th' . td fthf11' to' b h' .t I German-AmerICan hos- o erWISe apprO'pria e ,0 e 0 OWIng sums relm urse OSpi a s pitals at, for treatment at Tientsin, Chma, for care and treatment of Chinese nationals in- of i.njured Chinese 1ured by motor vehicles of the United States Marine Corps, and for natIOnals. mde'llmty to one of those nationals for personal injuries received by him because of the negligence of the driver of a Marine Corps motor cycle: To Mackenzie Memorial Hospital, $15 for care of Chiu Kuei Ching; to Mackenzie Memorial Hospital, $7.50 for care of Chang T'ung Chin; to Mackenzie Memorial Hospital, $48 for care of Liu Yu Fang; to German-American Hospital, $401.38 for care of Lau Ye ~un, Chine~e poli<:eman; ~ LB:u ~ e Kun, .Chinese, r.,ag-e~~i~unior per. $100, m full for mdemmty for hIS pam and suffermg because of bemg sonal injuries. struck by a motor cycle of the United States Marme Corps; in all, the sum of $571.88 . Approved, February 16, 1929. .February 16, 1929. CHAP. 236.- An Act To compensate Talbird and Jenkins for balance due --;;n':[H~.R=,.~1011;::.1,",,3~.):-;- on contracts with Navy Department dated March 20 and October 9, 1919. [Private, No. 36li .) Be it enacted by the Seruzte and H O'U8e 0/ Representatives of the United States 0/ America in 0 ongress as8erMled, That the Secretary Talbird e.nd 1enkins. be, and he is her-eby, authorized and directed to pay Thomas Talbird Ic!~ymentto,forserv­ and HeY'!ard Jenkins, attorneys, doing business under the firm name of Talbjrd and Jenkins, Beaufort, South Carolina, out of any money in the Treasury of the United States not otherwise appropriated the sum of $1,000 in full payment for the balance due on aCC01Qt of professional services rendered by the said Talbird and Jenkins under contracts with the Navy Department dated March 20, 1919, and October 9, 1919. Approved, February 16, 1929.