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SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SESS. II . Cm. 241~ 242. 1929. CHAP. ~41.-An Act For the relief of the next of kin of Edgar C. Bryon. 2259 February 1ft, 1m. fH. R .3IIG7. Be it enacted by th6 Senate and House of Representatives of the [Prlvate-;Nii:-3foT UnJ.ted states of America in Oongress Q,8sembled, That the Secretary ~=e~ir07~lI!p. of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to pay, out of any re&entatlvea 0(, (or fr.t.aI money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated and In full settle- Injuries to. ment against the Government, the sum of $5 000 to the legal repre- sentatives of Edgar C. Bryon for his next of kin in full compensa- tion for any claims arising out of the death of such Edgar C. BryoDz who was struck and killed by an automobile truck in the service of the United States Post Office Department on October 2, 1919, in Brooklyn, New York, as a result of gross negligence on the part of the driver thereof and through no fault of his own, such driver having since been indicted for manslaughter in the second degree for such negligence. Approved, February 16, 1929. February 18, 1m. CHAP. 242.- An Act To authorize credit in the disbursing accounts of ......'i::1[;= ,:H:,O,.R: : .: . ~. 2 58 ~ .) ; -: - -, ­ certain officers of the Army of the United States and for the settlement of [Private, No. 371.] individual claims approved by the War Department. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre8entatives of the United States of Amerk:a in Oong,!,es8 Q,8serrWled, .That the 90mp- ~~fis allowed In troller General of the Umted States IS hereby authorIzed and dIrected a~unts o( designated to allow credit in the accounts of the following-named officers of the 0 cers. Army of the United States in the sums herein stated, which now stand as disallowances on the books of the General Accounting Office: Captain W. A. MacNicholl, Finance Department, $706.95, being NTarmstroBot (talk) 00:01, 7 January 2012 (UTC) w. A . Mac- the amount of payments made in his accounts for the month of June, . 1925, incident to the medical care and treatment of two officers of the Officers' Reserve Corps who were injured in an aerial flight. L! te t1PTill First Lieutenant J. P . Tillman, Quartermaster Corps, $99.b5; man~~tc~ .. . Major H. E. Pace, Finance Department, $99.85; Lieutenant Colonel S. B. McIntyre, Finance Department, $99.85; and Captain R. G . Jenks, Finance Department, $99.85, on account of payments of reenlistment allowl1Ilce made by them to one Tom F. Nicholson on fraudulent vouchers: Provided, That the officers certifying a.s to the f7~~ n sib iIi t 7 correctness of the service of the soldier and the vouchers on which waived. these payments were made shall be relieved of all responsibility in connE:ction therewith. Major John' S. Jadwin, United States Army, retired, $350.62, Wi~aJor John S. Jad· representing the balance found due the United States from funds turned over by him to his agent officer for the pay and ration funds of a military mapping detachment, and which were embezzled by their immedIate commanding officer to whom intrusted for disburse- ment: Provided, That Lieutenant John C. Wade, Corps of Engineers, t=:nnnt John C. agent officer, shall be relieved of all responsibility and accountability Wad?'b~~ieved of re- in connection therewith. sponSl ••ty. Captain Carl Halla?. Finance Department, $174.85, representing Captain Carl Halla. the amount paid to S. J . Swiekatowski, former Army field clerk, for personal property destroyed by Government officials while in storage, and which sum was found due and recommended by board of officenr.. Captain L. H . Price, Finance Department, $199.92, being the Captain L. H . Prloe. amount paid by him to one Beecher Roberts, private, Company K, Twenty-fourth Infantry, in his accounts for May, 1926, soldier ha.v- ing been found not guilty of desertion and honorably discharged.