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2562 INTERNATIONAL SANITARY CONVENTION. JUNE 21, 192ft ARTICLE 23. shY:lnesonemJanmt It is recommended that e~nt ships be provided with a suffi- cient quantity of vaccines (anti-smallpox, anti-cholera, et cetera), in order to permit, if necessary, of vaccinations during the voyage. Measures at pons, etc. Plague. Ships classlfted. Infected. SECTION IV.-Mea8'Ures at porl8 and marinejronJier8. A. PLAGUE. ARTICLE 24. A ship shall be regarded as injected: (1) if it has a case of human plague on board; (2) or if a case of human plague broke out more than six days after embarkation; (3) or if plll.gUe-Infected rats are found on board. A ship shall be regarded as 8'U8pected: (1) if a case of human plague broke out in the first six days after embarkation; . (2) or if investigations ~arding rats have shown the existence of an unusual mortality without determining the cause thereof. The ship shall continue to be regarded as sus:picious until it has been subjected to the measures prescribed by this Convention at a suitably equipped port. A ship shall be regarded as 'Uninjected, notwithstanding its hav- ing come from an infected port if there has been no human or rat plague on board either at the time of departure, or durin~ the voyage, or at the time of arrival, and the investigations regarding rats have not shown the existence of an unusual mortality. ARTICLE 25. mroo=TarmstroBot (talk)r plague Plagu~infected ships shall undergo the following measures: Peraonal. (1) Medical inspection; (2) The patients shall unmediately be landed and isolated; (3) All persons who have been in contact with the patients and those whom the health authority of the port has reason to consider suspect shall be disembarked it possible. They may be subjected to observation or surveillance, or to a period of observation followed by surveillance,' provided that the total duration of these mea3ures does not exceed SIX days from the time of arrival of the ship. It rests with the sanitary authority of the port, after taking into consideration the date of the last case, the condition of the ship and the local possibilities, to take that one of these measures which seems to it preferable. During the same period the crew may be prevented from going ashore except on duty made known to the sanitary authority- dlTarmstroBot (talk) 00:51, 7 January 2012 (UTC)n:, IOt"J. (4) Bedding which has. been used,. and 8UC~ ~oiled linen, lYear- linen, etc. Ing apparel and other articles as are, In the OpInIOn of the samtary authonty, infected shall be disinsectised and, if there be occasion, disinfected; Of the ahip. (5) The parts of the ship _which have been occupied by persons suffering from plague or which, in the opinion of the sanitary au- thority, are infected, shall be disinsectised and, if there be occasion, disinfected; I In all cases where the pre88nt Convention refers to .. Surveillance" the sanitary authority may sub- stltute" Observation" as an exceptional measure in the case of persons who do not otter adequate samtary ~:'~imder observation or mrvefllance most submit tc all clinical or bacterlolOllical Invelltlifltions which are considered necessary by the sanitary authority.