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INTERNATIONAL SA.NITARY CONVENTION. JUNE 21, 1926. 2571 ARTICLE 52. shi~ove~entsthrwill rhefthrai!l fro~ m~al'ng any sa~ta.ry inspec~onof 00:53, 7 January 2012 (UTC)~:gr= ps p8.SSlIlg oug ell" ternton waters' WIthout stoppmg at torlal waters. the ports or on the coasts of their respective countries. lithe ship, for any reason whatever, should stop at a port or on the coast, it would be subjected to the sanitary laws and regulations of the country to which the port or coast belongs as far as permitted by international conventions. ARTICLE 53. S 'al b'b d din hi' Special measures rOT I?eCl measures may e p~e~cn ~ regar g any s p m an ex- unhygienic, etc., ships. ceptionally bad sarutary conditIOn likely to facilitate the spre-a.d of the diseases mentioned in this Convention, especially crowded ships. ARTICLE 54. Ships unwilling to comply with obligations imposed by the port Ships free to put to authority, in virtue of the provisions of this Convention, shall be at sea. liberty to put out to sea. Such ships may, however, be permitted to land goods if the ship Irisolated, etc. , m ay is isolated and if th3 goods are subjected to the measures provided land goods, etc. by Chapter 11., Section II., of this Convention. Such ships may also be authorized to disembark passengers at their request, on the condition that such passengers submit to the measures prescribed by the sanitary authorit,. The ship, while kept isolated, may also take on fuel, stores and water. ARTICLE 55. Each Government undertakes to have a single sanitary tariff only, Sanitary tarUf. which shall be published, and the charges therein shall be moderate. This tariff will be applied in ports to all ships, without distinction being made between the national and foreign flags, and to foreigners in the same conditions as to the country's own nationals. ARTICLE 56. International coasting traffic.will come under special regulations, in~'iTarmstroBot (talk):ional coast· to be agreed upon by the countnes concerned. Nevertheless the pro- ..(nIt, p . 2 - ' ">63. visions of Article 28 of the present Convention shall be applicable to them in all cases. ARTICLE 57. The Governinents, taking into account their peculiar situation, ~:::~tIGo~~::~:':. may conclude special agreements amongst themselves, in order to make the sanitary measures prescribed by this Convention more efficacious and less cumbersome. The text of such agreements shall be communicated to the International Office of Public Hygiene. SECTION VI.- Measures at land frontiers.- Travellers.-Railwall8- Frontier Zone8-River-Walls. ARTICLE 58. Observations shall not be established at land frontiers. Persons showing symptoms of the diseases mentioned in this Con- vention alone may be detained at frontiers. • The expression .. territorial waters" must be understood In Its strictly Jnr\dical sense. It does not fDclude Suez, Panama and Kiel Cana1a. Frontier measures. Detention or persons.