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2608 INTERNA.TIONAL SANITARY CONVENTION. JUNlI21~ l.926. ool8llnatunl to Ji'nIto. In witness whereof, the Plenipotentiaries have signed this Pro- . toooL Done in Paris, June 21, 1926. For Afghanistan: For .Albania: For the German Empire: For the .Argentm(> Republic: For Austria: For Belgium: For Brazil: For Bulguia.: For Chile: For Colombia: For Cuba: For Denmark: For Danzig: For the Dominican Republic: For Egypt: For Ecuador: For Spain: IBLAKBol[ KHoUJ>oLUl KHAN. Dr. OSMAN. FRANoux. H.ulEL. F. A . DII TOLEDO. Dr. ALFRED GBUNBIlRGIlll. VELOHE. CAltLOS CHAGAS. GILBERTO Mo'U.RA COSTA. B...Maua,. TOOBEO Pftaono. Aluu.NDO QUEZADA. Q. K. YAO. • ""'-"T FA. R. HERNANDEZ PORTELA. TH. MADSEN. CHODZl[O. STADE. BETANOES. FAJ[HRY. Dr. M. EL GUINDY. J. ILLINGOURTH . MARQUIS DE F AURA. Dr. F . MURILLO . For the United States of America: For Ethiopia: For Finland: For France: Fo!' .Alge.. -ia: H. S. CUMMINGS . W. W. KING. LAGARDE DUO D'ENTOTTO . ENOKl!lLL. CAMILLE BARRERE. HARISMENDY. NAVAILLES. Dr. A . CALMETTE . LEON BERNARD. Dr. RUNAUD .