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SEVENTY-FIRST CONGRESS . SEss . III . Cus. 120, 121. 1931 .

1091 bia that the agreement of sale, lease, or exchange has been rescinded by appropriate corporate action, so that the shares of such dissent- ing shareholder remain unaffected thereby . Upon the performance All rights, etc ., efsell- ing corporation to be of any agreement of sale hereunder of all of the property and assets vested in p urchaser as an entirety of a corporation (including its good will and fran- open transfer. chises), all property, assets, rights, privileges, franchises, and powers of said selling corporation shall be vested in the purchasing cor- poration or person and shall thereafter be as effectually the property of the purchasing corporation or person as they were of the selling Provisions governing. corporation subject to the provisions of this section, and such pur- chasing corporation or person shall thereupon immediately file in the Deed of sale . office of the recorder of deeds of the District of Columbia proper evidence of such sale, and thereupon said selling corporation shall be Dissolution of vendor dissolved and cease, subject, however, to the provisions of sections COVol r.3 p. 1318 . 782, 783, 784, and 785 of subchapter 14 of this chapter 18 . Nothing etc ale of goods in bulk, contained herein shall affect the provisions of the Act approved Vol. 33, p. 555. April 28, 1904, entitled `An Act to prevent the fraudulent sale of merchandise in the District of Columbia,' or any of the provisions Public utility corpo- of the Act relating to the Public Utilities Commission of the Dis- raVolg37 p9 aff 74 ted . trict of Columbia, approved March 4, 1913, or any amendment or supplement the reof, or of a ny other law regulating pub lic-utility corp orat ions in the Dist rict of Colu mbia ." Approved, February 12, 1931 . CHAP. 121 .-An Act To aut hori ze the Sec reta ry of the Navy to p rocee d Feb ruary 12, 1931 . [H . n . 10e66.1 with the co nstr ucti on of c erta in publ ic work s at Ph ilad elph ia, Pen nsyl van ia, and [Public, No . 620 .) for other purposes . Be it enacted by the Senate and House o f Representatives o f the United States o f America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary Navy - Hospital piial con str ue- of the Navy is hereby authorized to construct hospital buildings, and tion, etc ., at Philadel- to provide equipment, accessories, utilities, and appurtenances per- phla, Pa ., authorized . taining theret o, on land al ready acquire d or hereby au thorized to be acquired therefor by purchase, gift, or otherwise, at or in the vicinity of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, subject to appropriation cost limit atio ns . hereafter made ; the land, if purchased, to cost not in excess of $200,000 ; and the buildings, equipment, accessories, utilities, and Proviso. appurtenances to cost not in excess of $3,000,000 : Provided, That Amounts fr om naval hospital fiend . of the above amounts $200,000 for the purchase of land and $100,000 for the buildings, equipment, accessories, and appurtenances, in all, $300,000, shall be expended from the naval hospital fund . SEC . 2. The Secretary of the Navy is hereby authorized to accept Gifts of sites accepted . on behalf of the United States, free from encumbrances and without cost to the United States, the title in fee simple to any land which may be acquired by gift . SEC . 3 . The Secretary of the Navy is hereby authorized to employ, ni almetcy"i ces ech- when deemed by him desirable or advantageous, by contract or other- wise, outside profesisonal or technical services of persons, firms, or corporations, to such extent as he may require for the purposes of Vol 42, p. 1488. this Act, without reference to the Classification Act of 1923, as Aide, p, 1013. amended, or to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes of the United B. s.see. 3709, p . States, in addition to employees otherwise authorized, and expendi- 733, waived . tures for such purpose shall be made from the naval hospital fund . Approved, February 12, 1931 .